Safari guide – Charles Karenzi

Rwanda, known as land of a thousand hills, rainforests and unseen beauty.

Certainly, the best thing is to have an experienced guide in a tour around this beautiful country, and the brothers Karenzi are the best. Experienced Charles Karenzi answered at our questions related to this interesting work that they both perform with passion in order to show everyone the beauty of their exotic country in the heart of Africa.

W: In your opinion why is Rwanda so attractive to visit? What are you especially proud of? Can you point out some outstanding attraction in your country?
Renowned as the land of a thousand hills, visiting Rwanda you will be spoilt with scenic views where ever you stand. Its capital Kigali is by far the cleanest city in the whole of East Africa and our outstanding attractions are definitely our Mountain gorillas in the Volcano Mountains and visiting Nyungwe eco rain forest which offers a complete primate experience.

W: How would you describe living, people, culture and the customs of your country to us?
Rwanda is one of the safest counties in Africa and I find that the people are extremely friendly and helpful, Rwandan people pride themselves in the fact that there is one shared dialect throughout the county (Kinyarwanda) and have a great pride in their culture.

W: How did you come up with the idea to provide services to visiting tourists? Which sightseeing can you offer and how much your services cost?
There was a need for professional travel services with a personalized touch. But personally for me, it was the love for my country and the desire to share the Rich culture of the Rwandan people. We offer are wide range of packages from arts and cultural tours, historical tours, birding experiences, gorilla trekking tours, helicopter safaris , relaxation and leisure tours, primate experiences

W: What was the key to your success and what was the most challenging aspect of your job?
The key to our success is our meticulous team that go out of their way to ensure that they have every needed piece of information about the client’s travel needs and ensure that every need/expectation is been met.
Challenge is last minute bookings can’t normally happen as bookings have to be made well in advance (about 6 months in advance) in order to be able to get gorilla permits and the best lodges in the high season which starts from May till end of August. Best advice for clients is to book with us in advance.

W: Is it demanding to drive tourist through your country and what arrangements can you do for them?
No its not, it’s a lot of fun. I take pride in job as a driver guide, so I have to be knowledgeable with the tourism products, so with that I seriously enjoy the sharing aspect of my job, taking them through my country and visiting all the different breath taking land marks.
Booking their tickets to and from Rwanda , Meet and Greet services at the airport , offering advice on the most suitable tour package for the client, providing a professional driver guide throughout the trip, booking accommodation that suits their budget, making sure they have a seamless enjoyable tour from start to finish


W: From which countries tourists came to visit Rwanda and did they expect a lot from their visits?
The UK, Belgium, France, Germany America, Turkey and we would definitely like to host tourists from Croatia. The majority had never visited Rwanda and their expectations were the bare minimal combined with curiosity but what I love is that they always leave with the feeling of absolute awe, Thank goodness, thus far, we have had only positive feedback.

W: Can you describe your working day in the car, when you drove guests around?
I ensure that I have the itinerary for the tour ready with a complete understanding of it , enough refreshments for clients, have all the information on hand of the tourist sites in the country

W: Can you tell us any nice anecdote that you have experienced?
Most of the time, it is the surprise from clients on what they find when they visit Rwanda as most still only know the negative stereotypes. They are all pleasantly surprised to find 5 star lodges in the middle of nowhere.

W: What are the main features of the local cuisine of Rwanda?
The main features of Rwandan cuisine include bananas, plantains, pulses, sweet potatoes, beans, and cassava (manioc).

W: What channels and social networks do you prefer to use, and how do you reach for clients from around the world? How much and what role have social media in your overall strategy?
We have our own website that is accessible to everyone around the world, we also have a twitter and Facebook account that is constantly updated. Email us on

W: What are your plans for this year?
Definitely organize holidays for Croatians to Rwanda, understand what type of holidays they need and create the most suitable packages that suit each and every type of client

Author: Diana Mikloš
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Traveled by: Turkish Airlines

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