The garden of the castle Hellbrunn

One can feel great satisfaction, from the moment of arrival in the old baroque city Salzburg, which name means “Salt Castle” derives from the large salt mines in the nearby area.

City is located right next to the German border in the northern Alps, and it is under the UNESCO World Heritage protection. First inhabitants of the today’s Salzburg area were Celts, and the first known record of the name of Salzburg is in a 755. Interesting fact that the Salzburg was annexed into the Austrian Empire in 1805. Until then it was completely independent capital governed by a Prince Archbishops.


In 1613, one of the notable Prince Archbishops Markus Sittikus von Hohenems commissioned building of Hellbrunn castle with spacious park, swimming pools, ponds, fountains, beautiful statues and sculptures and five interesting cave inside large garden.

Everything was built under the watchful eye of the best architect of that time, Santino Solari. The whole garden is covered with cobweb of water channels. The biggest attraction of the whole garden is called “Wasserspiele”, “water game”, where automatic hydro powered water pumps creates an atmosphere of great fun.


The entire building is designed to provide all kind of pleasures and activities hidden away from the public eye. Today the park and the garden is designed for walker, tourist attractions and beautiful Christmas market.

The best known features inside garden are Neptune fountain, and so called Roman theater with marble table and seats that are part of the hidden fountain. Each chair, except Archbishops, had small hole in the middle of seat through which water will start to rise. Archbishop started fountain, want he want to be amused, and everyone was the target of his prank.

Mechanical theater was built between 1749 and 1752, and it contains 138 wooden figurines that depict life in the city.

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