What to Wear & How to Pack for a Business Trip?

So far in my career I went to a fair number of business trips, some short and some long and no matter if it was working for a larger corporation before or today working at my own small business I never cared to compromise the style for comfort but I did eventually manage to have both along with traveling convenience.

One rule which is for me only valid when it comes to business travel packing is less is more. Indeed, when I pack for vacation I pack my whole life in those suitcases and I always proud myself for leaving that one piece of clothing behind despite needing it oh so much for my trip! :)
Back to business travel, these are some very important rules I learned so far:


When choosing my travel outfit I always plan for various scenarios, what if I get stuck on airport in between transfers? What if my flight is late and I have to go directly to the office without making it to hotel?

In Spring and Summer my outfit choice is mostly stretch cotton, wrinkle free, knee length pencil or wrap dress in charcoal grey, navy or black. I don’t wear jacket if it’s not to cold and if it’s a short flight but in Fall and Winter I go for cashmere or thin wool dresses and a structured blazer.

I never wear wired bra or jewelry on for travel day as I use my frequent flyer card to get fast tracked through security and I also want to avoid full body search on each security point. If I can’t go to a hotel before my first meeting I just bring jewelry (earrings or a necklace not both) in my purse.
Also, I wear my travel shoes while on the airport and put my outdoors fancy shoes in cotton bag and in my purse (read more under FLATS ARE YOUR FRIEND :) ).


Before the travel is one of the rare occasions when I review what’s in my purse and really try to take anything I don’t need for the trip. The purse I almost always wear is my black Prada Vitello, it can fit absolutely everything I need and its eternally chic.
Here is what I usually carry in my travel purse:
- Shoes in the cotton shoe bag
- Women’s Planner
- Mobile phone and charger (if I do a check in bag)
- Laptop
- Travel size basic cosmetics in a sheer cosmetic bag (toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, shower gel, dry wash shampoo, cotton balls, make up remover, moisturizer, Avene thermal water spray, hand sanitizer, lipstick, BB cream, mascara and a blush)
- 1 full one day outfit rolled in a cotton bag (silk or wrinkle free cotton or wool t-shirt and black or navy cigarette pants and spare underwear). Only if I check in my suitcase, usually on transfer flights or for longer trips.
- Tide stain pen (this is a lifesaver as you never know when someone could spill something on you during flight, it has happen to me numerous times!)


I own only one small suitcase which I (try) to use for all my business trips. The trick is that I roll each piece of my clothing so more can fit. This doesn’t mean I just pack everything. No. I try to decide ahead of time on outfits for each day and I always check the weather forecast.


I had my share of failures wearing heels for travel day and running across airports in heels and dress with suitcase, purse and laptop case. After living in NYC for years I learned to always carry simple, light flats in my handbag. A perfect and inexpensive choice are definitely ballet Butterfly Twists, they are as comfortable as slippers, they pack tight in the little travel bag they come in and are perfect for running around the office, driving or running across airports to catch your connecting flight. They also come in very stylish designs. While Butterfy Twists are not for every day wear outdoors, for years now I swear by Tory Burch Reva ballet flats. I had my classic black pair for years and they saved my life so many times when some of my most fabulous heels killed my feet.


Always, always wash your hair and do your nails night or a day before the trip and have a blow dry. If your hair gets greasy fast bring a dry shampoo with you and some hair-ties. I really hate to see people with messy hairs and nails on the business meetings it’s super unprofessional.
If you are heading for a longer trip (to another continent) I swear by in flight face mask by SK-II or facial spray by Mario Bedescu, yes they can look weird when worn siting next to your work colleague but they work wonders, you can also use more social acceptable Eye Mask by Shiseido from Sephora. I also love Estee Lauder Serum to get that glow and some extra moisture.

Can you share some of your frequent flyer tips ladies? :)


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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