080 Barcelona Fashion Week Review

Barcelona is a capital of fast fashion with being a home of Inditex (Zara, Massimo Duti, Bershka etc.) as well as Desigual and Mango so it’s normal that these brands take head spot and a lot of media attention during their traditional 080 Barcelona Fashion event.

080-barcelona-02This local fashion week is taking place twice a year and it is largely sponsored by the city of Barcelona but it also attracts local corporate sponsors like water Solan de Cabras (served for free by a super cute hosts in matching white shirts and blue pants), coffee, beer and make up companies like Mac. In comparison to Paris, London or Milan Barcelona is as urban but when it comes to local fashion designers there seems to be a lot of hippy, artesian and indie kind of designers most of whom are struggling to compete with fast fashion brands and not really finding a local clientele.

Fashion shoppers in Barcelona are used to cheap mass market clothing and struck by a huge local unemployment rate are not willing nor able to shop a bit more pricey (but often better in quality) designers brands which was reflected on the sales results of 080 Barcelona Fashion Market.


My favorite items to shop in Barcelona are leather goods like boots and purses as they are usually made out of great quality locally sourced leather and with high level of craftsmanship so if you find yourself in this beautiful Gaudi’s city, be sure to invest in a great quality locally made leather piece.

Working for as a co-owner of e-commerce boutique @Trendcy and being in a role of a both seller at 080 Barcelona Fashion Market and a buyer looking to network and recruit local designers I found that very little or no designer (even young ones) speak English which also presents a problem for them when trying to reach out and sell outside of Spanish speaking area.


080 Barcelona Fashion organizing team did a beautiful job using the gorgeous historic Maritim Museum venue for all of the activities surrounding the runway shows. They organized a fashion summit, photography masterclass, gorgeous Celia Vella exhibition and many others.

There was plenty of free water, coffee and drinks to go around as well as free wifi and electronic charging stations. Advertising and marketing for the event around the city was done really good with great visibility. Unfortunately not many tourists seem to have visited the 080 Fashion Market most likely because of the horrible weather we had here last couple of days.


The great thing about 080 Fashion Market for designers who were presenting was that it was a great opportunity to present their work to potential buyers of local boutique stores and create connections with factories, other designers, media and bloggers.

When it comes to fashion shows there seem to have been a whole lot of very young people, almost teenagers in attendance as well as media representatives, company sponsors and bloggers, while much less fashion buyers both for online and offline boutiques but I am sure that as times go by and this event becomes more well known globally, there will be more international buyers in attendance as well.This fashion event is where I saw the most men in skirts and heels and they could actually walk in them!


Overall, attending 080 Barcelona Fashion in my roles as exhibitor, buyer and a blogger was a great experience, I really think that craftsmanship in fashion really came to show both in fashion shows and looking at young designers showing at Fashion Marketplace. I’m looking forward to create relationships with all of the talented designers from Barcelona and work with them in my Trendcy role. Can’t wait for the next event in Fall!

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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