10 fabulous Espadrilles

Personally, I am not huge fan of flats overall, I wear them when I am really literary running all day from meeting to meeting or carrying boxes and packing/unpacking and PR or fashion events (even though I learned to do it in heels).

Some of the currently popular flats trends I definitely don’t care about are Birkenstock and those awful platform sneakers. For me, these two types of shoes simply don’t look attractive on anybody, not even Giselle.

espadrile-02 Casadei gold

espadrile-03 Valentino lace

Jimmy Cho Glitter

Flats which I am researching currently and looking to buy are espadrilles. Although they are not super fancy as high heel shoes, I found some adorable, comfortable and decorative models which you will be able to rock with denim shorts or white romantic Summer dress.

espadrile-05 Faux leather and mash Stella McCartney

espadrile-06Valentino leather studded

Most of the Summer vacation I will spend in New York where I will definitely do a lot of walking and on Croatian coast in Dubrovnik where it is kind of hard to walk in heels due to stone blocks on this old city’s streets.

espadrile-07Soludos Dali Flat

Chanel, Valentino and Celine have created the most talked about pairs of comfy Espadrille shoes for this Summer but many mass market brands soon followed with their version so there is a lovely selection out there where you can find all from lace to canvas, leather, silk and suede models.

espadrile-08Valentino lace

espadrile-09Dolly Silk lace-up

I’m sure some of you ladies already got your pair of Espadrilles for Summer or are researching web to find your perfect pair so hopefully this post will inspire you and help you decide. My favorite pair for now are pink lace Valentino Espadrilles and I found a great look-alike pair of Chanel black leather Espadrilles on Asos.com.

espadrile-10Valentino lace

Main picture: Seed leather

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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