4 Summer Coffee Recipes aka Beach in the Cup

Ok, this post will seriously change the way you think of your Summer coffee! Next time you go and order a cup of coffee by the beach out of habit, you will have way higher expectations then before. :)

I hate when I go to a super trendy, luxurious Mediterranean location and then they serve me with jucky coffee which tastes like irony from poorly washed espresso machine in a chipped cup and they charge 8 Euro for it (pretty much for the view from the cafe). I still remember that place and will never go there again! Come on, I take my coffee serious, put some effort into it!

Now, let’s get serious and more practical about it. Take the matter into your own hands and start your morning with a fabulous Summer coffee!

Here they go in the order of deliciousness:



2 tsp good-quality instant coffee
2 1/2 tsp sugar
2 tbsp boiling water
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup ice cold water
1/2 cup cold milk
a few ice cubes

1. Add coffee granules, sugar and boiling water to a glass, stirring until the coffee and sugar has dissolved
2. Add coconut milk and vanilla essence, stirring to fully incorporate it into the coffee mixture.
3. Top up with cold water and cold milk, add a few ice cubes and enjoy!



1 tablespoon soluble coffee
6 teaspoons unrefined cane sugar
5 ice cubes
1/3 cup milk (I used soy milk, any milk is fine)

1. Put the coffee, sugar, milk and ice cubes in a blender/food processor and blend until you do not hear the sound of ice anymore.
2. Serve immediately. You can decorate this coffee with whipped cream on top (it will float on the coffee blend).



8 ounces coffee, freshly brewed and chilled in the fridge
1/4 cup 1% milk
2 tablespoons nutella
Whipped cream
Ice cubes

Whisk together the coffee, milk and Nutella, until the Nutella is mostly dissolved. Pour the mixture over ice cubes and garnish with whipped cream.



2 cups strong black coffee (for ice cubes)
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk
4 cups strong black coffee

1.Brew two cups of strong coffee. Make this brew slightly stronger than you would regular coffee as it requires a little more intensity to maintain the same flavor when chilled. To do this, add 25 to 50 percent more ground coffee to your coffee filter.
2.Let the coffee come to room temperature. Coffee likes to be treated gently.
3.Make ice coffee cubes. The best way to prevent watery iced coffee is to plan ahead — and make iced-coffee cubes. Use the two cups of coffee to make at least 16 ice cubes (or more). Freeze overnight.
4.Brew four cups strong coffee or espresso.
5.Arrange four glass mugs or cups on a tray. Fill each with four iced-coffee cubes. Spoon two tbsp sweetened condensed milk over the iced cubes. Pour one cup hot, strong coffee into each cup, over the iced-coffee cubes. Stir gently and enjoy.

If you were thinking of detoxing and drinking only water this Summer, read this post again and get your coffee fix!
How do you take your coffee?

Can’t get enough of it? Follow my Summer coffee Pinterest board for more.

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