Afunguard Casual Luxury

Recently I discovered great casual wear brand Afunguard from Poland which features simple cut but perfectly (and ethically) made comfortable pieces which can be worn as part of business or casual look on so many ways.

Different then fast fashion brands you can wear Afunguard items for years as they are very well made out of great quality fabrications.

Afunguard is independent designer brand from Poland lead by Marta Hernandez which aspires is to be a global brand which creates casual women’s clothing by merging timeless aesthetics, high quality fabrics, affordable prices and product value.

Graphic Print Tunic Blouse
I love how versatile this top is! This blouse can be worn as a tunic over a swimsuit while lounging with sleeves 3/4 buttoned up, over jeans or tights as a tunic top or with a pencil skirt for work. Virtually, you can wear it year around.

Loose fit white button up mid way tunic with black flower print. Works great as a tunic for work or as part of casual outfit. Sleeves can be buttoned up 3/4.

Short Navy Cotton Suite
Since I have started working in fashion I try to avoid wearing classic office suite. I could not resist this Afunguard ‘Summer suit’ made out of soft navy cotton which makes it so easy to wear separately shorts paired with a t-shirt and sneakers as part of casual outfit for a weekend stroll in town or worn together with a blazer jacket as a light Summer suit. For a coffee with local designer I wore this Summer suit with gorgeous Miss Julie necklace.



If you to love to have really versatile pieces in your closet I promise you will get a lot of wears out of these Afunguard looks!


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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