As luxurious as it gets – Ralph Lauren Fall/Winter 2014

Fall/Winter 2014. Ralph Lauren collection was another confirmation of 40 years of luxury and timeless elegance brand represents.

The show was split in two parts, one representing his firs Fall/Winter 14′ line and second act a preview of his new launched women’s Polo line, showing that house of Ralph Lauren recognizes and follows the democratic luxury trend and trying to satisfy that portion of the millennial market as well.

Ralph’s FW 14′ collection featured elegant pieces ranging from fur, feather and wool/cashmere coats to maxi dresses, high slip skirts, sweaters and even jogging pants. Ralph Lauren is not a trend follow, for more then 40 years now he is a trend setting while staying true to his immaculate quality of making and his recognizable elegant, feminine and timeless signature.


Pieces in this collection are made to look and foremost FEEL luxurious, comfortable. They come in gentle color pallet of pastels and grays and are made out of expensive quality materials such as cashmere, Mongolian lamb, brushed suade, satin pongee and silk jersey.


As those of you who follow me from the start (so last 5 years :) ) know, I worked for Ralph while working in NYC and I own many of his clothing and accessory pieces from his different labels, and I got to say one thing, he never compromises on quality and comfort so even after five years his pieces look like new. I still own his RL jeans, button ups, shirt dresses and a number of cashmere sweaters – these are my gems and I care for them dearly as they last and last and always look so sophisticated, luxurious and timeless so I never regretted one penny I paid for any of his pieces!


I got nothing but love for this man and the brand he represents! Bravo Sir!

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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