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Last Summer I got a fabulous vintage lace maxi dress with open back and bell sleeves from Spell Designs, it was quite expensive but I really wore it a lot over bikini and also with a nude slip for the evening walks around Dubrovnik.

This season I am looking for a several boho chic pieces to purchase, my first two will be Miyuu Barcelona straw hat adorned with flowers, sheer white kimono, leopard print espadrilles and tons of artesian jewelry which I usually get on Pop Up shops and on Barcelona’s independent designer markets. I do most of my shopping online and I plan all of my shopping seasonally.

In this blog post I am sharing my favorite boho chic online shopping locations:

On the photo I am wearing Spell Design Fleetwood Maxi Dress now available only in mini version

With the rise of popularity of music festivals in recent years and 70s style comeback, vintage lace, crochet, floral pattern, leopard print (yay!) and floaty romantic dresses combined with fringe or cowboy boots, flower hair wreaths or straw/thin wool hats have became a signature style of many famous fashionistas. Bell bottom pants, rompers, jumpsuits and kimonos make the boho chic look complete.

Jen’s Pirate Booty
Jen’s Pirate Booty is a collection of women’s clothing, designed and curated by Jen Rossi in her hometown of Malibu, California. She produces it in 5 countries, all carefully chosen based on the beautiful textiles, specialty materials and local artisan techniques that they have to offer.

Her collection embodies all that she is: a sun-kissed, free spirited, beachy bohemian gypsetter, with a strong love for family, friends, fashion, good food and good times. Her head turning, goddess-like pieces, have a way of making every woman feel happy, beautiful, strong and confident. You are sure to be noticed and complimented when wearing one of Jen’s designs.

This brand ships from US as well so if you order from outside US you need to be customs and duties but their prices are more affordable then on other sites listed in this post.


Spell Designs
Became boho chic fashionista favorite online shopping destination. So far I only ordered one dress for them (the on the photo from the beach above) and I was pleased with their customer service. At the time the dress was in demand so it was shipped a bit late but I got it on time to enjoy it the whole Summer long.

Spell Designs ships from Australia so just like for items ordered from Jen’s Pirate Booty you will have customs charges if you order from outside of Australia and New Zealand however worldwide flat shipping is only $15.

Although pricy designs are definitely a head turned and of a great quality.


Free People
The brand was launched in 70′s as a physical store while the online shop was launched in 2004. and has since became world’s best known boho chic shopping location. Free People features boho chic brands from all over the world but it also has it’s own product strengthening their signature style.

I collaborated with Free People through my blog and I’m their long term shopper so this is the brand I have most experience with, although some items are a bit pricy they have wide range of price points and really great sales. Recently they launched a mesmerizing wedding collection which got a really fabulous reviews from bloggers and fashion experts. Each month they issue beautiful lookbook editorials with inspirational lifestyle imagery and new, on trend products.

So far I never returned anything bought from Free People and I got a plenty of wears (and I’m still wearing) all things I ordered. If you are based in Europe you can order from Free People UK to avoid customs charges with free international shipping over $150.


The Reformation
One of my favorite brands to shop, most chic, most cool and most environmentally conscious and transparent is definitely Reformation! The closest to my heart but painful for my wallet! :)
The Reformation, fashion and sustainability coexist. Created in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, the brand designs and manufactures limited-edition collections in our own factory. Located in downtown Los Angeles, they manufacture most of their products in own sustainable sewing factory. By cutting out the middleman and selling online and in their own boutiques, they eliminate traditional retail markups.
The Reformation sources sustainable fabrics and vintage garments, and incorporate sustainable practices throughout their supply chain to make beautiful styles at a fraction of the environmental impact generated by most fashion brands. From their heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy, to the recycled hangers in our stores and 100% recycled packaging for every order shipped, sustainability is core to our business at every level. It is our goal to raise awareness around the impact fashion has on the environment and at the same time offer sustainable solutions and choices. It’s their mission to lead and inspire a sustainable way to be fashionable.
The Reformation is shipping from US so if you are shopping from Europe you will have to also pay custom charges, duties and fees.


To accessorize look for statement metal or leather jewelry pieces with semi-precious gemstones. I love Bita Pourtavoosi new jewelry collection as well as Patricia Nicolas eye-necklaces.

My favorite accessory however are gorgeous straw and thin wool hats, romantic kimonos and body jewelry along with flash tattoos which you could notice from my Instagram posts.


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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