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Botswana is a country that extends over 581 thousand square kilometers in southern Africa. It borders with Namibia in the west and north, Zambia in the north, Zimbabve in the east, and Southafrican Republic in the south. It is one of the most developed african countries thanks to its diamond production, developed tourism, and responsible economy.

There are mostly plains in this country of 1.6 million people – from which most of them belong to Cvani.

The largest and capitol city Gaborone is located on the river Notwane, on far southeast of the country by the border with Southafrican Republic. It is home to a little less than 200 thousand people.  Discrepancy between the size of the area and its population makes Botswana one of the less populated areas by square kilometer.

Botswana’s cuisine is a term that is rarely mentioned in culinary books. Still, it offers many interesting foods. Meat is frequently eaten in the country – mostly beef, in combination with rice, corn, and other grains, and is served with local beer, palm wine, and tea rooibos.

5 unforgettable tourist attractions in Botswana:
  1. Delta of the river Okavango

Witness one of the rare remaining miracles of nature – coming of the river (of life) Okavango in desert Kalahari. A part of a National park Moremi in the north of the country.

  1. Louvre deserts

Go sightseeing in Tsodilo – a locality under the protection of UNESCO – that gathers a stunning collection of ancient artefacts carved in stone. It is situated in the northwest of the country in desert Kalahari, and some even call it desert Louvre.

  1. Nature reserve Mokolodi

Explore the nature of Mokolodi in the south of the country. It extends over 30 square kilometeres, and its main goal is to provide the visitors with a feel of botswanas’ wildlife in a limited and safe area.

  1. Capitol city

Discover the cultural and historical beauties of Gaborone. Visit the green store of eco association Somarelang Tikologo that fights for responsible use of botswana resources. Be sure to climb the Kgale hill that is only 100 meters above sea level, but that provides you with a glorious view of the capitol city.

  1. Botswana handcrafted items

Discover how some of the most popular handcrafted items in Botswana are made. Travel to the north of the country, to villages Etsha and Gumare where women create three kinds of baskets from palms, and then decorate them with local colors.


Official language: english, setswana
Religion: christianity (70%) and other local religions
Currency: pula(BWP)
Visa: necessery – you can it through the embassy of Botswana Republic in London (6 Stratford Place, W1C 1AY; tel: +44 20 7499 0031)
How to travel: via airplane – main airport of Botswana is Sir Seretse Khama Internation Airport not for from the capitol city
Diseases and prevention: Vaccinations are not necessary. Still, in the are around Okavango there is a high possibility of infection from malaria.
When to travel: From may to August
Accomodation: Creste Lodge hotel and peermont Walmont at The Grand Palm hotel in the capitol city.
Restaurants: Chutney serves indian and chinese food, and restaurant Mokolodi serves an excellent blend of african and german cuisine.


Botswana is a country with and extremely high rate of people infected with HIV virus. Drink only bottled water. Avoid ice in drinks, because it is made from the local water. Eat only in hotel and tested restaurants.

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