Chanel’s Divine Flower Fantasy

According to The Cut’s review of Chanel’s Couture show couture shows continue to “sell an ineffable dream” to commoners who will never be able to purchase and wear these mesmerizing but every season more normcore in terms of wearability clothing pieces.

Karl Lagerfeld scened his show in fairy-tale like garden rich in which models took a casual stroll like Alice in Wonderland wearing intricate assembles of clothing equally rich in flower appliqués.

I personally look forward to Paris Couture shows year to year because for me they are a source of inspiration, an opportunity to dream. Every year I take bits and pieces I see and try to incorporate them in my look, this is what couture stands for for ‘fashion masses’ as buying and wearing is reserved for a selected few.

From this particular show I will try to reinterpret shoulder flower puff and bottom of the skirt flower appliqués for upcoming Spring. I also like how wide A-line skirt suit with side cut button closure looks like.

From season to season Karl Lagerfeld is adding young millennial normcore touch to Chanel’s couture collections while not compromising in art and craftsmanship department. From last season’s flip flops and sneakers to this years sports wear inspired but still classic Chanel two piece white and black suit and young and chic beekeepers hats embellished with rich flower appliqués. Seems like these new wearable couture pieces are ready for their millennial clients.





How did you see this season’s Chanel couture collection?
Bloom on ladies!

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk


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