Chicken salad recipe

Boiled chicken contains more Q10 than roasted chicken?

The recipe from the chef Ana Grgic is delicious and healthy chicken salad, fresh spinach and dressing of lime juice with sesame oil and peanut oil.

Ingredients for the chicken salad

250 grams of cooked chicken breasts
150 grams of spinach
50 grams of peanut
1 lime or lemon
teaspoon mustard


Chicken, cut into strips and marinate with sesame oil.
Clean the spinach, use cooked or raw.
Make a dressing of mustard, lime juice or lemon, sesame oil and crushed peanuts.
Spinach seasoned with dressing, arrange on a plate and put it on the chicken.

Bon appetit!

Text and photos with the approval of the hotel Espalanda Zagreb

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