Custom jeans with compassion – Dragonfly by JClaire

Everybody has their favorite pair of jeans!

We feel good wearing them, they fit perfectly, we love how our butt looks like and they go with every outfit we can imagine. My issue with jeans is usually length. The type of jeans that usually fit me well are long and skinny jeans with a bit of elastin. Usually I stick with two trusted brands and buy black or dark blue colored denim so I don’t experiment to much with different fits and colors.

Well, this was until I discovered Dragonfly by JClaire and their Barcelona tile straight leg white jeans with hand painted Barcelona tile motives.


Since I live in Barcelona I was inspired to look for similar motives around the city and found some interesting frescos at Plaza Espana which also served as a great place to take photos and bring Barcelona tile jeans to their ‘home environment’. :)


JClaire creates wearable art through the use of soft fabric paint dry brushed by hand one color at a time, building and blending coordinating colors to give the design a fade-in fade-out effect. Some pursue happiness, others create it.

Other then great quality of these american made jeans I love how unique they are with their patterns and (Thank You Joan Claire!) perfect butt fit and leg length. They came packed in beautiful reusable cotton eco bag and the story behind the brand was written on a beautiful note.

Philanthropy is one of the key aspects of this brands mission so 5% of net profits goes to causes that need funding to help advance their mission be it research, awareness or education. Some of these are Human Rights Campaigns, Children Cancer Research etc.


Owning a pair of Dragonfly by JClaire painted jeans is for that independent, unique individual who wants to make a statement with their own original look. Unlike mass produced printed jeans, each garment is individually hand painted specifically for You! :)

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