Designer ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sun Hat on lower price point

Large trendy floppy sun hats with sequin embroidery are every fashionista’s must have this Summer.

Along with inflatable flamingos in pink, gold or white, a fabulous one piece swimsuit and a assortment of pom-poms here and there embellishing your beach bag or sandals, large embroidered sun hat with a writing stating you are on vacation is an absolute must have for fabulous beach goers.


Inspired by designer Eugenia Kim’s designer piece with price point of $485 many artisan designers, hat makers and boutique stores have made their own, more affordable versions of this hat and some even offer customization in color and writing.

I did a little research through various sites and social media shops and read through ratings and weeded out a couple of great options to consider.


If you are looking for a hat that is the closest to Eugenia Kim’s and you live in US you might consider White Elephant Designs, a shop which offers a version of ‘Out of Office’ floppy hat with price point of $89 and pom pom ribbon.

Fast fashion online shop ASOS also has a great offer of floppy sun hats with and without embroidered writing on price points from 6 Euro to 90 Euros. Great thing about Asos is that they ship fast and they ship worldwide.

hat-4 hat-3

Instagram shop Bits & Pieces ships worldwide and sells similar sun hats for $90 with shipping included with option to customize your own text on the hat within this price. You may choose among different hat colors but they have only one style. Payment is done through Paypal and order is made via Instagram message.

ETSY features several artesian designers who offer embroidered or sowed in initials on hats of various colors and sizes. The price points are from $17 to $70 but most do not ship out side of US.

hat-5 hat-6

I hope you find a perfect hat for yourself this Summer ladies!

Not only does it make you look mysterious, classy and fabulous but it also protects the skin of your face and neck from direct sunlight.


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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