Designer quickie: Lana Hudina, DuckAss

Last week I had a pleasure to interview young and talented designer and illustrator from Zagreb – Lana Hudina, Croatia who made a name for herself with her DuckAss brand featuring beautiful, modern illustrations with famous Zagreb landmarks and Croatian inventors.

Not only Lana is creating paper illustrations but she launched a whole new type of Zagreb souvenirs ranging from Tshirts, cotton bags, umbrellas to coffee mugs and coasters which could be purchased via her online shop or in selected souvenir shops.

How did you come up with the idea for this new souvenir for Croatia and telling the story of Croatian history on such innovative way?
Idea for souvenirs came after I was asked to illustrate calendar for one of my clients. The theme was Croatian Inventors. After I came up with the characters for each of the inventors I decided to reuse and replicate them on different items with card attached telling their story, educating the owner on who this particular character represents and send them out to the world! :)

I grew too really like these characters, they motivated me and I continued to build on this story so number of characters grew. Then I came up with second series of illustrations including famous landmarks of Zagreb and now I am preparing a third set of colored illustrations. Tourists really love them but we still need to tell them the story behind it..

Croatian Inventions by Dražen Željković and Lana Hudina

Who are the characters which you are drawing and where do they live?
Even before Croatian inventors I came up with different characters in regular, daily situations, I am daily drawing new little creatures which are climbing up the cake, rolling crapes, play tennis or walk their dog.

Which topics inspire you most other than Croatian historical characters?
I have to admit that I prefer to draw characters in regular daily situations which I illustrate in the way to look interesting and cute. I’m mostly inspired by people around me, my friends, boyfriend, parents and regular people on the streets. The whole idea for DuckAss brand started with me drawing professors and fellow students during the lectures and it still remains to be the main inspiration.

The main characteristics of my illustrations are over-exaggerated dimensions which give my illustrations humorous side. All of my characters live happy lives in my notebooks, they were all created without using computer and are drawn by hand on the paper, which is my favorite way of working.

Where can one purchase souvenirs with your illustrations?
There is more and more stores selling my souvenirs but I would like to reach out to more outside of Zagreb, so far they can be found at stores in Zagrebu, Losinju, Pula, Zadar and NP Krka. The full list of stores is on my website but all items can be ordered via my Facebook page and email as well. People are often ordering customized illustrations as a gift for their loved ones.

What is the Price range of pieces you illustrate?
The prices differ, but the range is anywhere between 20 and 200 HRK (3-20 USD) depending on the type and size of the illustration, type of print etc. Now when new tax system is applied prices grew a little bit.


Since recently products you illustrated can be purchased in popular multi-brand store Iggy, what are your plans for the future?
I am very happy with collaboration with Iggy! My products sell very very well in Iggy store and store team is great with explaining the story behind the brand to shoppers which is really important to me. DuckAss brand used to be just a hobby to me but this year I plan to put more time into it as it became a growing business. I have more plans but will not reveal them all right now.

Where did your illustration travel and what objects did you illustrated by now?
All from New York, Australia to Montenegro, Oslo, London, Brasil and East Africa. Many people buy my illustrations and illustrated items as gifts to friends they are visiting abroad and that makes me very happy! The most popular items are t-shirts, coasters, piggy-banks, coffee mugs, puzzles, fridge magnets, umbrellas, pillows and illustrated cotton bags.

You can find Lana’s beautiful illustrations on her website and Facebook page and you can buy it buy here.

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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