Eduardo Ferreira

We spoke with Eduardo Ferreira, world renowned professional make-up artist.

Eduardo Ferreira is a world renowned professional makeup artist, and also the Director of Artistry & Education for EMEA region and the right hand of the famous make-up artist Bobbi Brown. Eduardo have some credit in expansion of Bobbi philosophy of education and teaching techniques with customers, make-up artists and the media. His talent stands out in every woman’s natural beauty and because of it, he is a favorite make-up artist to the world of editors and celebrities and the ordinary women.
At this year’s New York Fashion Week together with Bobbi Brown created the looks for the show by famous designers, like Cynthia Rowley, Halston, J.Mendel and Tory Burch. You can read below what we all discovered about himself…

W: How did your career start in the world of beauty? Can you tell us some interesting facts about the house where Bobbi Brown currently and where you are a Director of Artistry & Education?

After being a good student I went to the university to study Economy and then I worked in banking and finance during 10 years. At the beginning it was exciting as any newness, but then I realised that I needed more, but what? I had a good job! Then the best thing happen in my life: I have this car crash and against all expectations I SURVIVED! Obviously when you go thru this experience you question yourself about what you have done so far? what have you missed? and, what you would do differently if starting all over again? It took me two years to take my face back as it was destroyed and I decided to start all over again when I was 36 and decided to become a Makeup Artist. I always loved colours, my hobby was painting and I was attracted by the fashion industry. I started from scratch. People and family thought I was out of my mind and they were not at all supportive but I decided to keep on moving on my “crazy change”. By coincidence I met in Lisbon a very charismatic lady that happened to be Clinique Brand Manager, now one of my best Friends (she is 75) in Portugal that believed that an opportunity should be done to this guy. I never thought about the beauty industry or working for a company, but I thought it would be a good way to start. That is how I got into the Estee Lauder Companies. I stayed 1 year in Clinique, then I was invited by MAC and at the same time I was freelancing on my time off. I was literally working 7 days a week every week! I found I had talent, I became known in Portugal at the same time that Bobbi opens in Portugal 11 years ago and I am invited to take care of Education and being the spokes person, and guys I love to talk!! :) then I get my own segment on TV where during 2 years I was teaching makeup tips at the same time I met Bobbi and I start doing International. Since 8 years I am the Director of Artistry and Education for EMEA travelling every week to different countries within the EMEA Region. I am happy I did that change following my instinct and believing it is never late to change.

W: Who has inspired you in your life and that they help you in your career? Which human characteristic do you value the most?

Bobbi herself is my biggest inspiration in the sense that her success is based on strong believes, hard work, consistency and honesty. When she went to New York after finishing school she did not know anybody in the industry, look at where is she now!


W: What would be the most memorable moment you’ve had while makeup a celebrity?

I work with celebrities and real people. To be very honest I do not make any difference. It is great to make a contribution for people to like themselves more the way they are. I love the type: “I love my winkles, I look great because I feel great and because I look like myself”. These are the people I feel connected with.

W: Do you do makeup for wedding and what is needed for the bride with regard to photographing an evening party?

Oh yes! I did lots of weddings when in Portugal before I got my present position. It is all about looking at your best. Some tips: Natural is not washed out so will be more intense than in your normal days. Do not use browns or oranges on lips and cheeks as they might look moody and make you look tired, roses and pinks will make you look fresh and happy. Eyes are defined with classic eye liners or soft smokey eye. Defined eye brows and flawless skin wearing makeup without looking like. Avoid shimmers as they do not look good on pictures. Use long wear formulas and remember, be yourself!

W: What is best part in your work, and what is the hardest? Do you prefer to make up for film, photography or fashion show?

Starting from the end of the question I love both photo shootings and fashion shows but I also love to teach. Cinema requires long periods that my agenda wouldn’t allow. But what I love about my job is that diversity of activities, people and locals which is everything but boring making an easy life to love. What is challenging? To adapt to every different culture I deal with is very challenging but super exciting.

W: How would you describe your style and what sets it apart from other makeup artists? Do you feel that you have achieved all your goals as a successful makeup artist?


It is never done! I do not think I am amazing. I am just challenging myself to do things better and better. In this job when you think you are great it means that you are out, because thinking you are great makes you stop being open to learn and believe me, I learn every day and that is what make me move! About my style, quoting Bobbi, “any that looks pretty”. I do not like trashy makeup style that makes women hiding their beauty. Whatever you do has to look pretty and being elegant.

W: Do you plan to write a book about makeup? Can you recommend to any book about make-up?

Anything can happen but writing a book is not on my short term plans. Best book in makeup “Makeup Manual” from Bobbi Brown.

W: What are the common mistakes that women make when choosing makeup or at the very make-up?

Trying to look like somebody else. Trying to correct instead of to enhance best features. And I am not a big fan of contouring, it never look not painted.

W: What are your favorite products? What is your advice to every woman in facial skin care?

Favourite product: Concealer. About Skincare, hydration is the best way to look fresh and healthy. Be careful with matte and oil fee formulas if your skin is not oily.

W: Which three products at you every woman must have in her purse?

Mascara, Lip Gloss or Lipstick and Blush.

W: How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Walking in the cities I visit; sit on a terrace and getting inspired by passing byes; going out and meeting new people; going to the beach and reading about history.

W: Do you have any tips for men about corrective makeup?

Like women skincare should be key for any man. I use cleanser, tonic, serum, eye cream and face cream. Of course you need to add a good Shaving Foam. I also do Scrub. If you can look good, why not?! About makeup, a Tinted Moisturizer, bronzing powder and Lip Balm will not hurt and will make you look better. However it has to look you wearing NOTHING.

W: What message do you have for young people who would like to become successful in the business of make-up artists?

Be open to learn every day and never think you know everything.

Author: Diana Mikloš
Photography source: Eduardo Ferreira

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