Envy Room & Bellissima Spring/Summer 2014

Talented Croatian designer duo Nikica and Vjeko behind the brand Envy Room known by their elegant and feminine signature and mesmerizing wedding dresses have followed the global trend of affordable luxury and collaborated with Bosnian mass market fashion house Bellissima to launch a beautiful Spring capsule collection containing a bit more then 10 pieces with lower price point but very practical and still with their recognizable brand signature.


Bellissima is a Bosnian fashion house with long tradition and regional influence. With this collaboration we wanted to make our design more accessible for wide audience so when creating this collection we made sure that we are achieving perfect balance of accessible price and quality. While designing we were inspired to create all pieces that a women needs to have in her Spring wardrobe.


This Spring/Summer 2014. capsule collection is created to satisfy women’s busy daily schedule and various weather conditions, so it includes all from windbreakers to jumpsuits, business two piece suits, romantic blouses, cocktail dresses to swim suits.


Photo: Šime Eškinja
Make up: Sanja Agić
Model: Tatjana Galić
Hair: Draška Topić
Styling: Lea Krpan


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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