Every Women Deserves a Big Rock

I bet you read the title wrong! :P

In order not to keep my mother in suspense. NO – I am not getting married, I just really like this handbag.

On top of a bit of a large collection of hats I am also a passionate handbag collector. By this I don’t mean stitch to stitch branded LV LV LV…. bags. I really like collecting great quality unique handbags in gorgeous colors, the kind of bags I can leave to my daughter one day as my fashion inheritance (no mum, I’m not pregnant) on top of my hat collection, shoe collection and my Vogue collection, ohh let’s face it, if I continue building my fashion collections like this the only real-estate I’m going to leave my child in inheritance will be a shoe-box! ;)

A diamond ring shaped limited edition leather handbag by Homanz caught by attention with it’s fabulous shape and fun and unexpected clip & zip opening. This limited edition handbag launched on past Mother’s Day with an emotional video which you can view bellow:


I love the story about how every women deserves a big rock (ring) aka handbag shaped as a giant diamond ring as I really believe women sometimes forget to reward themselves, they stop putting themselves first and forget their value and to live to the fullest and have fun with their lives when they have babies and the focus of their life changes.



If I really had to choose I would say that a metallic pink Homanz Diamond Ring Handbag is my favorite. I would wear it with high waisted pencil denim skirt and a cropped sweater.


Homanz Diamond Ring Leather Handbag comes in beautiful velvet gift box and the shipping is free via Trendcy. It’s available in very limited quantity.

How do you like unusually shaped handbags?
Would you dare to wear this huge rock?


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

Photo: blogger Yuyu from Hong Kong

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