Gorgeous straw bags

I am excited about the trend I am seeing in fashion where more and more brands are turning towards more sustainable, slower way of producing smaller collections in collaboration with globally unknown local fashion designers and artesian artists.


Turning back towards natural materials, colors and getting inspired by nature and up-cycling is something I whole heartedly support and hope this is not a trend but a strong direction in which fashion is going.


Raffia, straw handbags and baskets are star feature accessory in resort and Summer collections for several seasons now and I truly hope they are here to stay. Raffia basket makes a stylish bag to take to market in the morning instead of using plastic bags which take ages to degrade in soil. You can use the same basket as a beach bag or a diaper bag for your baby!


Straw bags have went long way from your last season pom-pom tote. From super creative shapes of lemon, pineapple, snail to leather belted and denim patched round bags to hat bags and other little works of art – many designers have already sold out on their most photographed raffia bags.


I am currently hunting for a perfect straw handbag for Summer so I made a wide selection for you to see as well should you need to update your Summer accessory as well.



Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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