Homemade rose liqueur recipe

As a welcome drink my boyfriends mum, who is an amazing cook, now retired and has time for doing more projects around the house served us with samples of her home made liqueurs made with special Croatian home made liqueur (40% alcohol) ‘rakija’ as a base and various additives per taste as: cherries, walnut or with flowers like Roses.

My boyfriends mum was kind enough to share her recipe with me, containing carefully selected and nurtured ingredients. Later on when drink is ready for consumption, one can decide to water it down or strengthen it up by adding more pure liqueur.


I was personally thrilled with this homemade Rose liqueur because it taste sweet and smells wonderful which makes a perfect girly Summer apéritif.

Here goes the recipe:

1 kg of sugar
1 liter of pure homemade liqueur – 40% alcohol (rakija in Croatia :) )
petals of 20 big pink Roses

Mix 1 liter of pure liqueur with 1 kilo of sugar in a large jar (5 liter) and add petals of 20 big pink Roses when they are in their full bloom as this is when the scent is most intensive. Mix all gently and close jar tightly. Keep outside, on the sun for 40 days. Serve in the shot glasses, cold. Enjoy! :)


I am actually thinking about packaging design for Croatian market already ;)
Let me know if you try it lovelies!

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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