How do you wanna feel today? PAPIROGA

I have a confession to make. I got the biggest crush on this jewelry design brand from Spain.

The name is Papiroga and I was emailing earlier today with Daniel, brandmaker. Human. Mainly pure in the sky. Incredibly pleasant man to communicate with, and if you think this is not rare in fashion industry, boy, you are wrong!


The vibe around this brand is amazingly cook and positive, all from absolutely amazing hand made jewelry design, to people who are behind this brand to their website and social media channel. Absolute WIN all around! You know how sometimes when you enter some brand shops you feel a bit awkward, intimidated or attached by sales people? Well, here is a total polar opposite.


Description of the brand is:
“Papiroga is a handicraft brand offering statement accessories with exclusive designs & limited pieces, which strives to change women’s mood. Founded in Madrid in 2011 by Estefanía de Oliveira, Leire Urzaiz & Daniel Coma-Cros.”

Logo of Papiroga brand is a seahorse, half fish half horse. Brand evangelist. Mainly coolest in town. :)

Papiroga pieces are now available on Trendcy for purchase so I selected my favorites below, I will sure be getting a couple of these pieces for this Spring and Summer and how about these unique rings? Love, love, pure love!



Don’t forget to check out their equally cool Facebook & Instagram pages! :)

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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