How to organize your closet? by Erin Mack

I was delighted to interview my ex-coworker in Rugby Ralph Lauren, Mrs.Erin Mack who’s passion is closet organizing. Erin is 24 years old and lives in NYC. She thoroughly enjoys going through drawers, closets, bins and making them look pretty! She enjoys organizing as well as elements of interior design.

Erin Mack

How and when did you decide that you would like to work as closet organizer?

I have always had a passion for organizing. It started as a child, on snow days. I used to go through my mom’s pantry and closets and organize for fun. I remember loving the feeling after my work was done and seeing the difference I had made. My mom obviously LOVED it as well. It recently became something that I wanted to do as a job after meeting and working with a fellow Professional Organizer Jeffrey Phillip.

What are the most common mistakes which people make when organizing their closet?

I think that most people don’t spend the time on organizing. They view it as a daunting task that they just don’t have the time for. I feel that many people have the wrong mindset before taking this task on. I also think that people don’t go through the proper prep work before starting organizing. Utilizing great tools that stores like The Container Store and Bed Bath and Beyond have. It is becoming easier than before to keep organized and take the guess work out of where to put things. Buying bins and baskets to store your clothes within your closet, is more important than just hanging all your clothes by color.


Living in NYC with rental prices as high as they are, one needs to learn to use the living space wisely how high is the demand for using the closet organizing services and who are the people who seek for your help the most?

It definitely is an art-form to fit everything in a tiny NYC apartment that is why many people seek out the work of Professional Organizers. There are many people who use organizers, there is even a website where you can source an organizer that’s right for you and learn more about this profession. as well as for organizers in your area.
I’m finding it difficult to reach out to the early to mid twenty age group (My age group). Many of them do not have the discretional income yet to spend on an organizer. It’s also a challenge when many twenty something in NYC are moving year to year and have not settled in a home where they can keep up with the work the organizer has done. A majority of my clientele is older with a family.


Who would you say is worst when organizing their stuff men or women and why?

Haha that is a tough one. I think women have more of a desire to be organized than men but naturally are messier. I know that’s true for me. Overall, I guess it’s just depends on the person. No battle of the sexes here! I think that might be because women naturally have more possessions than men. We have makeup, hair products, shoes, jewelry, and clothes to keep track of, and many more of them. I think many women are in a hurry trying to get to work, or school, or meeting friends etc. All of these products and possessions get left out or stored away quickly in that mix.


What are the top 5 tips you would give to your client to keep in mind when it comes to closet organization?

1. CLEAN your closet and make a plan. Buy anything you might need beforehand and return after. Make sure you do any measurements first!
2. DONATE old clothes that you haven’t worn in a year. Create and keep and donate pile.
3. SORT your closet how you want. You may want to keep like items together, or organize by color, or put what you wear often in a place that’s easy to grab.
4. STORE non season clothes out of your closet for more space.
5. WILL YOURSELF TO MANTAIN. Instead of leaving your clothes on the chair, make a promise to yourself that you will keep up with the work. Only you will know if you’ve broken that promise to yourself.

When one decides to use your services how does it work and how much does it cost in average?

They would contact me for a consultation on this email. I need to make sure they are not hoarders that are something I will NOT do. From there we discuss what they are looking for and we go from there. Price wise it depends on the job. I’m still new at this so I’m working on what feels comfortable for me.


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