Is Molas, Sardinia, Italy

Designed by Massimiliano Fuksas and with decor chosen by Doriana Fuksas, the villas of Is Molas will combine the vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean with the unique culture of Sardinia.


Sardinia. Consisting of four varying types of villa, the breathtaking designs will be in harmony with the natural landscape and aim to capture the ancient heritage of the region.


The villas will range from 210 to 470 sq.m in size, with gardens from 1,000 to 3,000 sq.m. The gardens border on a protected mountain park that gives the resort its special microclimate, and provides a beautiful landscape that descends towards the golf courses and the sea.


The project is also set to include two five-stars hotels complete with a luxury concierge to serve the villas. There will be a spa, a private beach club overlooking the ancient tower of Nora, and a club house offering panoramic views from the heart of the resort. There will also be a piazza with restaurants, and boutiques to complete the project. Due to the fragile nature of the surrounding ecosystem the development is being built in compliance with standards imposed by bio-architecture, and primarily uses natural, locally sourced materials.


The Gary Player golf course project will add a new par 72 signature course to the existing 27 championship holes. This will be at the Is Molas Golf Club, a former venue of three Italian Opens, a Volvo Masters and other prestigious international competitions.



Text and photos with permission of Wish hr partner, Quintessentially Lifestyle.
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