KatWalking in Turó Park, Barcelona

First time this basketball season my boyfriend and I had a free Sunday together when we didn’t have to work or practice so despite the not so warm early Spring weather we still managed to spend couple of hours in this beautiful Barcelona’s park.

My boyfriend came home late after midnight night before from away game so we didn’t wake up today until noon, we ate big breakfast, went to have our early afternoon coffee at nearby Starbucks where we met a couple of ladies from Dubrovnik who of course took his autograph and then we finished our coffee and finally decided what closest park we will go to before it starts raining. Papi was super excited to finally have couple of hours long walk and some quality time with Ante and I.

Bellow you can see few pics I took during our lazy Sunday spent in Turo park, my favorite is the pic of the orange three. How did you spent your weekend lovelies?










Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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