London baby!

“I think London’s sexy because it’s so full of eccentrics.” Rachel Weisz

Last weekend right after Dreft Fashion Week blogger conference I traveled to London to support my boyfriend who was playing final four Euroleague basketball tournament. My friend and roommate (also) Katarina went with me so we used the opportunity to explore London a bit in between the games.

Although I have been to London many times and visited most of the tourist hot spots, cold London weather surprises me every time, this weekend was not an exception, on top, Katarina’s suitcase never arrived from Zagreb so first thing we did was went to shop for some warmer clothes.

It was raining mostly so we spent first day and a half warming up with Starbucks coffee, tea and biscuits and morning my boyfriend’s team loss in the first game over a big Japanese lunch and with a delicious coconut and mango frozen yogurt in TopShop on Bond street.


“One thing about London is that when you step out into the night, it swallows you.” – Sebastian Faulks, Engleby

We also visited absolutely gorgeous Victoria’s Secret store where I stocked up on coconut, vanilla and are guessing – mango lotions, body butters and shimmers for Summer as well as on some cotton basics from their Pink collection. My roommate Katarina believe it or not never had a cupcake so she tried one in Lola’s bakery.

Although my boyfriend team didn’t win the Euroleague this year he was selected in a first team of Euroleague and also an MVP for February so we are hoping he will win Spanish championship and balance it all out :) I am also hoping for a win next year, also in final four, in London.


“London is a roost for every bird.”
Benjamin Disraeli

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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