A more popular summer destination in the southeast Europe.

The Republic of Montenegro covers an area of approximately 13 thousand square kilometers in southeastern Europe. It borders with Serbia to the north, Kosovo to the east, Albania to the southeast, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the west and Croatia to the southwest, and it also has access to the Adriatic Sea.

Its relief is varied, and the mountain peaks dominate the northern, southern and southeastern regions, the central part is covered with plains, which go sharply down in the Bay of Kotor.

The country has about 2.5 million inhabitants, most of which are Montenegrins, while most of the Croatian minority is located in the above-mentioned bay.

The capital and largest city – Podgorica – is situated in the central valley of the River Moraca in the southeast. It represents the most important economic center of the country.

Montenegrin cuisine is extremely filling, and is based on a combination of meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products. Here they like to eat lamb a lot. Along the coast Mediterranean cuisine is a popular, where the main stars are fish and seafood, while in the inland rural areas they still eat the old traditional treats such as Popara and Cicvare – cheese dishes and other dairy products with the addition of flour and water. The local population enjoys drinking black coffee, as well as locally produced wines.

5 memorable tourist attractions in Montenegro:
  1. Capital

Explore Podgorica and its cultural and historical monuments. Be sure to visit the Sahat tower from the 18th century, the town’s mosque and the castle of King Nikola I Petrovic in the park Krusevac. Also visit the latest symbol of town – the Millennium Bridge that spans the Moraca, whose monumental pillar rises over the panorama of Podgorica.

  1. Skadar lake

Visit the largest freshwater lake of the Balkan Peninsula, which is located in the southeast of the state, and that partially passes to Albanian territory. Skadar Lake covers an area of 370-540 square kilometers (depending on water levels), there are about fifty small islands with ancient monasteries and fortresses, and it is also a home to numerous species of fish and birds.

  1. The mountain adventure

Tourists like to visit the Durmitor National Park, which stretches in the northwest to 39 thousand hectares. This is a protected area of the homonymous mountain, where the highest peak in the country is located- Bobotov kuk (2522 m). Park includes canyon of rivers Sušica, Draga and Tara – perfect for rafting – which are under the protection of UNESCO.

  1. Boka Bay

Kotor is the pearl of the Bay of Kotor, as well as a welcome destination of Montenegro. It is located in the northeastern part of the bay, and offers many cultural and historical monuments that are under the protection of UNESCO. The city is surrounded with walls that extend to 4 km, and hide the Maritime Museum and the University Institute of Marine Biology, historical archives and numerous other attractions.

Montenegrin Riviera

Long sandy beaches and clear blue Adriatic Sea, and a large number of sunny days have placed the Montenegrin Riviera among the most visited tourist destinations during the summer months. City of Budva occupies a central position of the Montenegrin coast, and it is the most visited destination. However, it is best known for its nightlife where great times are guaranteed.


Official Language: Montenegrin
Religion: Christianity (74 percent of the population), Islam (17 percent)
Currency: euro (EUR)
Visa: Not required
How to travel:
PLANE: regular direct air line from Zagreb to Podgorica
BY TRAIN: There is no direct international railway line between Zagreb and Podgorica, however – it is possible to buy a ticket with a stop in Belgrade
BY BOAT: daily boat lines from Dubrovnik port to the Montenegrin coast
BY BUS: regular and organized international bus transportation to Podgorica from Pula, Split and Dubrovnik
BY CAR: route Zagreb-Podgorica (710 km) is not recommended due to the nonexistent highway and long distance
Disease and prevention: special vaccination to enter the country is not required.
When to travel: Spring-Summer
Accommodation: Hotel Podgorica and Hotel Philia in the capital are a good choice. In Budva go to the Astoria Hotel.
Restaurants: Restaurants Lupo di Mare and Old house in Podgorica are a good choice. In Budva are available many restaurants with international cuisine – from Italian to Asian.


Be aware of the documents and assets around the major tourist centers.

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