Moving in a New Apartment

This year my boyfriend and I are moving in two new apartments, we are finally furnishing our Summer home in Dubrovnik Croatia and moving into a new apartment in Barcelona, Spain. One was planned and one wasn’t. :)

We hired an interior design company from Croatia to help us furnish and plan lighting at our Dubrovnik apartment which was purchased completely empty.


As we are not living in Croatia the biggest benefit of hiring interior design firm was that we didn’t have to be involved in all details our selves as contacting suppliers, ordering furniture, lightning, paint etc. Dubrovnik is a small city where there are no major furniture stores so we had most items delivered from Italy or from Croatian capital Zagreb.

We both love modern, contemporary design so we went for black and white colors in the whole apartment furniture wise, large open space living room-dining room looking at the terrace and kitchen with an island in the middle (which I adore). In the living room we went with large, textured stone looking wall behind the TV with modern drop shaped fireplace.To break white and black tones we added glass and metallic tones in details and chandeliers.

Now when all the work is (almost) done we definitely see the benefit of having the interior design team manage all of the tiny details which we ourselves wouldn’t even think of, also schedule of lightning in the big apartment is super important and it has been done perfectly so that the whole apartment is perfectly light.

Although many of our friends live outside of the city both my boyfriend and I prefer to stay close to city center where are favorite restaurants, parks and places to go out are. We searched long and hard once we decided we are staying in Barcelona for at least three more years for a perfect apartment to live it as until now we were renting for three years. Finally, after seeing 7 or 8 great apartments we found a perfect one (read I found the one with a huge closet :) photo to follow in September when I move in).


Apartment in Barcelona is a smart home with a bit smaller rooms and custom furniture in black, white and grey tones. My favorite part of the apartment is large room closet and stone and ebony textures combined in kitchen and dining room.

For small house stuff like dishes, bathroom accessory etc. our go to place was of course IKEA and Zara Home for details. Next, we purchased some amazing pieces on very much discounted prices online on Westwing (Spain only) and Vivre (Croatia only). Since we are quite tall, both my BF and I we custom ordered beds, kitchen and all closets in Dubrovnik apartment to better use the space from wonderful company called Centrala Interijeri and this cost us less then if we would have purchased each piece from the store. In Barcelona we managed to find big enough beds for us at La Tienda Home.


For great quality (not cheap) Italian furniture we looked at Archi Products (delivered worldwide). We got great big black leather bar chairs at Lesnina (Croatia) and cute details on mobile app. (delivered worldwide mostly).

We saved a whole lot of money buy reviewing the designer firm offers and then choosing the cheaper chandlers ourselves online as well as replacing designer furniture pieces suggested with more affordable ones. It’s important to keep in mind how much time you spend in Summer home vs. where you live most of the year and invest accordingly.


Investment pieces on which you should spend more if you can are those you will use the most: bed (frame and matrace), sofa, dining table & chairs, kitchen appliances and laundry machine. All other you should look to save on if possible. This doesn’t mean you buy anything, of course you look for quality but also look for discounts.

Since I have been searching for great deals on home decor for a last year or so feel free to ask me any questions if you are in the same boat, I would be happy to help! :)


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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