No Bake Healthy Berry Cheesecake

This cake was made from the recipe book ‘Slatke Strasti’ by Mihaela Devescovi. I was looking for easy no bake cake recipes this Summer and I ran into this great raw deserts recipe book. The book is full of really great no bake deserts and all really quick and easy to make.

All recipes are followed by gorgeous photos. The book introduction describes advantages of making raw food desserts and it provides simple tips on how to work with ingredients to get the most nutrients out of them. Currently, this recipe book is only available in Croatian.

For one of our Summer parties I made two recipes out of this book, this Berry Cheesecake and fabulous Banana Pudding for which I will share recipe in one of the next posts.


1.5 cup of walnuts
1 cup of dates
1/2 cup of coconut

2 cups of cashew nuts (soaked in water)
3/4 cup of cacao butter
2 limes (juiced)
1 cup of blueberries & raspberries (fresh or defrosted)
10 drops of sweet orange essential oil
4 tbsp of agava syrup

1/2 cup of fresh or defrosted raspberries or blueberries
several fresh mint leaves

Prep: Presoak cashews in water for 2-3 hours for this recipe. Presoaking nuts has great advantages for your digestion. Nuts contain the inhibitor of the enzymes such as phytic acid which makes them hard to digest, soaking them you will get more of the nutrients from the nuts and it will be easier for your body to digest them.

Mix all listed dough ingredients in the blender until you get them well minced. Place the mixture in the small cake pan and press it firmly with clean hands coating the bottom of the pan with it evenly.

Melt cocoa butter, add it along with other cream ingredients listed in the blender and mix until you get smooth, even, creamy mixture. Pour the cream onto the dough in the cake pan.

Decorate with mint leaves and fresh berries. Cook in the fridge for minimum of 4 hours.
This cake keeps well so you can store it in freezer or fridge for about 4 days.

This recipe definitely requires some non-standard ingredients which are not necessarily cheap but it is super delicious, gilt free if you are watching your weight, it’s super healthy and it’s quick to make. All who tried it said they didn’t feel heavy and tired as they do when they finish the meal and top it with a desert. It’s light and it turned the biggest healthy food skeptics into believers in my home!

Definitely give it a try! You will love it I promise!


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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