Out on The Town – DIY denim jacket

Earlier this week I went to visit one of the most fabulous places in the city – Bellavista del Jardin del Norte. It is a small town or as here in Spain we would call it El Pueblo hugged together into an adorable restaurant perfect for group dinners and family gatherings. Guaranteed to make a lasting impression with every single little detail well thought off the place looks and feels as if you are walking into a book.


There are abundant of beautiful restaurants and cafes in Barcelona but Bellavista del Jardin del Norte offers unique experience indeed with a game room, arcades, record player, barbershop, a place to buy and post postcards and oouu not to mention delicious red velvet cake and beautiful green patio on the back.






Couple of years back I got this basic boxy denim jacket from Zara for Summer and never really wore it much. Now after having Anabela I embroidered a couple of her dresses and denim shirts with her name and various cute patterns and decided to decorate this (now somewhat small on me due to recent pregnancy) jacket I never got to wear and give it a new life!


First I got a number of iron-on patches from various online sites and then I outlined the LaKatWalk logo on the back by using the print out of a decorative font I found online and printed it out in large bold font on A4 paper horizontally. I cut it out precisely with xacto knife and outlined with special pen which disappears in wash, but you can also use a regular white chock pen.


Then, I got a shinny gold embroidery thread, round embroidery frame and started tracing the letters with a thread to create a frame, next I filled it across using cross stitching technique and voila! Few days later I had ‘LaKatWalk’ embroidered on the back! I was working on it about half an hour a day when Anabela was sleeping at night but if you have time to sit down and do it, you can certainly do it in one day.



Dress over pants is not a look that I would regularly wear but I decided to give it a try given that I live in Barcelona which doesn’t really have a true Winter and my closet is packed with cross seasonal clothing like this pin stripped asymmetrical shirt-dress. I am not a fan of wearing heavy Winter coats but I do enjoy layering clothing into interesting outfits so for this casual look I decided to highlight the DIY jacket while underneath I wore coated rose gold skinny ankle length pants, nude camisole and mentioned pin stripe collared dress.


When it comes to choosing accessory I went with pink camera bag from & Other Stories and pink unicorn Startas sneakers. The only jewelry I wore was Trendcy ear-cuff with matching stud earring while I tied dress belt as a neck scarf.



Have you ever embroidered before? How do you give a new life to your old clothing pieces?


Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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