In the southernmost country of Central America enjoy in the cultural and natural beauties.

Panama extends over about 78 thousand square kilometers in Central America. It borders with Costa Rica in the west and Colombia in the east. It has access to the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, and partly includes the land bridge that connects North and South America – Isthmus of Panama. Panama’s geographic position has always been interesting to researchers and adventurers. Unfortunately, it is the reason for numerous colonial conquests and political turmoils, where indigenous tribes paid with their lives.

In Panama, there are about 3 million inhabitants, who are mostly descendants of European and Chinese immigrants and local residents. The main economic activities are focused on the service sector, that provides banking, shopping and tourist services. Capital city – Ciudad de Panama – is located on the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, and it represents the main political, economic and tourist center of the country.

Panama’s cuisine is a combination of numerous influences, based on meat, fish and seafood, and many fruits and vegetables. In major urban centers you can find restaurants with almost every significant international cuisine – from sushi to curry. Food is served with a wide range of exotic fruit juices, and locally produced beer and rum.

5 memorable tourist attractions of Panama:
  1. Galapagos of Panama

Explore the Coiba National Park, which includes the homonymous archipelago, with about forty islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean. Because of the exotic flora and fauna, which can not be seen anywhere else in the world, Coiba is called the Galapagos of Panama. The underwater world around the island is a favorite tourist destination for lovers of diving.

  1. Ciudad de Panama

Feel a pulse of the capital city in the old historic center – Plaza de la Independencia, take a look at the remnants of colonial buildings in Casco Viejo, which date from the mid 17th century, and many museums. Explore the rich night life of the country, and take a look at the famous canal – one of the greatest achievements of the modern industrial world.

  1. Panama’s highest peak

Hikers and mountain climbers go to Baru volcano, which rises in the western Pacific coast of the country at 3474 meters above sea level. It is also the highest point of Panama. During sunny days without many clouds, both oceans can be seen from its peak.

  1.  Active tourism

Explore the diversity of Panama in Boquete, which is situated on the Caldera River, west of the country. In the town there are popular safari tours, which include research of the rainforests of Panama in jeeps, visit to the famous coffee plantations, discovery of its surroundings on horseback and many other activities.

  1. Fishing in the Pacific

Lovers of smooth rest choose Pearl Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tourism is most developed is Contadora island, which is proud of its virgin sand beaches and crystal-blue sea, perfect for swimming, fishing and enjoying in the sun.


Official language: Spanish
Religion: Christianity (98 percent)
Currency: the Panama Balboa (PAB)
Visa: required – it can be obtained through the Embassy of Panama in Greece (Piraeus, 192 Praxitelous & II Merarchias, tel: 00 30 210 42 86 441)
How to travel: by plane – the main airport is Tocumen Panama International Airport near the capital.
When to travel: between October and March
Illness and Prevention: mandatory vaccination against yellow fever, and recommended against typhoid and hepatitis A and B.
Accommodation: Gomboa Resort near the capital and the Toscana Inn Hotel in Ciudad de Panama are a good choice.
Restaurants: Hotel restaurants are always a good choice. You will eat well in restaurants La Marina and Terrae in the capital.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs warns of a significant increase in crime in the country, particularly in tourist areas. Due to the occasional intrusion of Colombian guerrilla groups in the Panamanian territory it is not advisable to travel in the border area with Colombia.

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