Pitch Perfect Fall Poncho Styling

First of all, I really don’t like ponchos. When someone saids Poncho first thing I think off is not Sarah Jessica Parker wearing 1,400 Euro worth monogrammed Burberry poncho on 5th Avenue, but rather stereotypical short, fat, Mexican man having a siesta by the tree and wearing sandals, poncho and huge hat.

I like the notion of ‘blanket coat’ if worn with beautiful suede thigh high boots with jeans or decent lenght dress or a shirt as otherwise it may look very trashy.

Instead of full poncho, I went for more of a structured version with sleeves, leather piping and looks like more of a wrap coat like the one bellow.
ponco-1 ponco-2

Topshop | Deva Ombre Coat | Topshop

Blanket coat looks great with thigh high boots, I prefer suade ones, black, grey or burgundy, preferably flat ones, especially if you decide to go with more expensive pair, you want to get maximum number of wears out of them and let’s face it…heels hurt. :)
Stuart Weitzman

What’s your pitch perfect Fall look? Write it in comments!

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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