Sharm el-Sheikh

When one think about Egypt, it is always imagined as a place of ancient culture, excitement in sightseeing of the magnificent buildings, cities, people and specific cuisine. Did you have a wish for complete vacation to some exotic destinations but without daily compulsory scheduled program with a guide.

Do you enjoy in diving, sand, sea or ridding on camels? You have to visit the Egyptian Red Sea coast. There you can enjoy in sunbathing on the long sandy beaches, swimming in the turquoise blue sea with a myriad of other activities. Along the Red Sea you can find many luxury tourist complexes but the most famous are Sharm el-Sheikh.


At the moment you step out from airplane onto Egyptian soil you can feel hot wind and air which is intoxicating. Sharm el-Sheikh is special place for tourists which longing for quality vacation with plenty of activities. Sharm el-Sheikh is located on the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, on a promontory above the Straits of Tiran and lapped by the shores of the Red Sea. You can see nearby Saudi Arabia and its magical mountains and if you immerse yourself in the sea full of coral reefs, you will realise that you are in great place for magical holiday and great relaxation. Interesting fact is that all cities in this part of Egypt become live and bustling at the evening because during the day is extremely hot.

Places you should not miss
Sharm el-Sheikh is often called the “city of peace”. The most dominant part in the city is huge steel sculpture with eight wings witch supports eight globes and eight doves which symbolize peace. Base of that sculpture is in shape of lotus flower and everything is inspired by the ancient Egyptian sun deity Ra.


This city had large numbers of expats who lives there, the most numerous are Russians, followed by Italians and Germans. City attracts them with excellent investment opportunities and with great number of events which gives a vibrant style of living. Entertainment in this city is guaranteed.


Naama Bay is a place where you can perfectly experience traditional values and culture of the Egyptian population. It is full of exotic restaurants, places where you can see old-fashioned crafts and houses built of brick and sand, and it boasts with the most beautiful beach in this part of the Sinai Peninsula. On the beautiful bazaars full of colorful products you can enjoy in sightseeing and shopping. The tireless sellers wholeheartedly offers their products. You can find beautiful Egyptian linen, Egyptian cotton wear and of course countless souvenirs. Riding a camel through the city sounds wonderful and here this mission is possible.


In Genera city you can see local low houses of residences but in center of city is huge mall for shopping or tasty bite. Those who loves art or history can go in museum of King Tut which is faithful replica of famous museum in Cairo. All exhibits are here but there are copies so tourists who came to exclusivly in Sharm el-Sheikh can enjoy into this part of Egyptian history.


Il Mercato is fantastic place for the walk, visiting outdoor clubs and enjoying in music and all night parties. Guests who are not afraid of snakes can enjoy in cobra dance supervise by their handler. Souvenir shops on open or very well stock shops with various traditional products will delight every customer especcialy those one who like to engage in smalltalk with merchants and haggling. Caffes and disco clubs palled on terrace are interwined on a rock and offer interested and strange sight for every guest because it provides an impression of openness and smoothness.


Various activities:
A ship with glass bottom, in the shape of submarine, brings unimagined and magnificent view of sea scenery. When you are inside “a submarine” you will enjoy and stare through the glass into large number of fish flocks of all sort, colors and sizes. bring your camera with you because fish came near to the glass and coral reef looks divine. Besides fish you can see numerous divers who will wave back while you take picture of them in the depth of the Red sea.

Diving with professional equipment or just with ordinary snorkel mask and flippers is equally unique experience in those waters. The coast of Red sea in the Sinai peninsula abounds with magnificent coral reefs and underwater life is truly fascinating. No meter of your choice of examining of underwater life, in this salty waters, this activity will stay permanently in your memory. The scenes which surround anyone who takes a dive are magical. Flock of fishes of vivid color, shapes and sizes which totally relaxing swims around diver and shows no fear at all. The beauty and quiet atmosphere that surrounds you under the sea in this lush surroundings of coral is more than impressive. At each pier you can rent or buy everything you need for this underwater activity.


Excursion boats will give you atmosphere of a private sailing in good company. With music and nice meal and refreshment you can visit a coast which is abound with resorts, hotels or desert landscape. You can take banana or donut ride, for three person, pulled along the water behind a powerful speedy speed boat.

The tour of the desert on a quad is a unique experience. After thorough and detailed instructions how to operate the vehicle you are ready for sightseeing while driving through desert. Manage and manoeuvring quad on the sand, with dunes generated by wind, is not quite an easy task but experience is perfect. Be sure to equip yourself a scarf which will protect your the face and sunglasses for eyes since sand that swirls during the drive enters in every single pore of the skin. On tour you can experience the eternal desert wanderers, Bedouin village. The drive can also come across the film scenes of animal bones which rests forever on the desert sand.



> Bargaining is mandatory, because it pleased the buyers and bidders
> Only use a bottled water
> It is recommended to avoid eating anything with a skin buy the fruits and vegetables you can peel.
> Mandatory protective equipment from the sun with a minimum SPF of 30
> Make sure that cotton or silk clothes, hats and sunglasses are in yours wardrobe

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