Shoes worth starving for

I am sure you have all seen the girls (and some boys) wearing t-shirts saying ‘Will work for shoes’. Well, for these ones you will have to work and starve but it will all be worth of it as they are indeed a little pieces of art.

As a proud member of shoesoholics anonymous club and passionate shoes lover who never ever has enough shoes, and not just any shoes, more like ‘can’t live without, love at the first sight’ kind of shoes I must say that I am head over heels (literary) in love with shoe art designed by Sophia Webster.

“If shoes are uncomfortable it means the pattern’s been incorrectly cut. I keep heels simple so they fit well.”

Sophia Webster studied at the Royal College of Art and Camberwell Art College, then trained at Cordwainer’s College; which may be why she prefers to hand-draw her prints. Sophia was mentored by Nicholas Kirkwood for two years, mentioning him as the reason for developing her own shoe collection. She debuted her Spring 2013 “Welcome to the Dollhouse” collection in September 2012.

My favorite thing about Sophia’s design is the functionality, beautiful feminine design and playfulness. These babies are made to stand out and not to blend in with the rest of the clothes you are wearing so rock them with attitude and pride! :)





Which of these beauties would you starve for? :)

Photo source: Sophia Webster

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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