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Villa Belle Époque, Cairo

In an age of mass tourism, elegant accommodations in intimate settings are rare, but not impossible to find.

7 things you must see in Rwanda

Rwanda is a mountainous country in the heart of Africa, full of rain forests.

Rwanda’s Tribal Warrior Dance in Iby’iwacu traditional village

Rwanda is a country of cultural richness, dominated by traditional dance, drumming, theater and by the craft of making beautiful wooden masks.

Resort Rwanda:Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Do you want to completely get away from everything that surrounds you? Do you want to hear the sounds of the African rainforest and be in the midst of green tea plantations? If yes, you will be totally captivated by staying in Nyungwe resort, located in Rwanda.

Safari guide – Charles Karenzi

Rwanda, known as land of a thousand hills, rainforests and unseen beauty.

Kigali capital of Rwanda is the city to remeber

The capital city Kigali lies in the geographical center of Rwanda.


A country for tourists of deeper pockets who prefer to live and travel in luxury.


In a country of former American slaves security risk is still very high, but such are the rewards to all the brave passengers.


Isolated position in the warmest ocean and tropical climate has made this island state one of the most popular tourist destinations that belongs to the African continent.


A poor country with a low unemployment rate and abundant with natural beauties occupies only the attention of true adventureous spirits.