Oznaka: Africa


To mark Kenya on the map exclusively as a safari destination is an absolute tragedy, because this easternafrican country has many extraordinary natural and cultural riches – it is made for adrenaline explorations and top notch tourist adventure.


Nigeria occupies about 923 thousand square kilometers of the western part of Africa.


A young South African country with developed infrastructure in which every Westerner would feel like home.


Northwestern African country is a real tourist destination because it enables visitors to explore the cultural and historical monuments, traditional African culture, but also the stunning natural beauty.


Country of painters and sculptors is an unavoidable tourist destination for all travelers  looking for great entertainment.

Sierra Leone

If diamonds are a woman’s best friends, what is this West African country then with large deposits of the precious stones?


A country in central Africa that meets even the most diverse tourist appetites.


If you are not working in humanitarian organizations to help Third World countries, there is little chance that you’ll dare to visit this African country with the longest coastline of the Black Continent in the near future.


Once the largest country in the African continent is an area with high risk, but also one of the most beautiful destinations in the Black continent – only for the true adventurers.


A country of pristine nature and magnificent National parks is a perfect destination for all true adventurers and explorers.