Oznaka: Africa


A mystical country in the west of the Black Continent for an exciting vacation.


Dangerous country with amazing natural beauties challenges fearless travelers from all over the world.


Tourist mecca for true explorers and adventurers.


The most literate country of the African continent attracts tourist from all over the world with its natural beauty.


Valley of the Kings, Abu Simel, the pyramids of Giza, the River Nile, Red Sea … Should I even explain why Egypt is the most popular tourist destinations in the Black continent?

Democratic Republic of Congo

A former state of Zair is no tourist mecca. It is extremely dangerous to visit certain parts of the country. Still, here you can see more natural beauty than anywhere else in the world.


A small country at the Horn of Africa for a great vacation at the Black Continent.


A perfect destination for (cautious) fans of intact nature.


A true tourist destination that will satisfy all your wishes and demands.