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Hoodies at Atelier Versace Spring 2014. Couture

Couture fashion week in Paris, my very favorite, THE fashion week recently started and I have been looking forward and following live almost all shows so far and Atelier Versace show was one of my favorites so far!


Known for its cognac and turbulent history, Armenia is the oldest proud sanctuary of Christian nation in the world.


Georgia is a country located in the east coast of the Black Sea. It arose in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, which never benefited politically due to the fact that Stalin was born in it.


Azerbaijan is a country with an area of ​​86,600 km2 in the southern Caucasus with an access to the Caspian Sea, formed in 1989 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.


A world’s biggest country impresses with its natural and cultural beauty.


Thailand – exotic country full of contrasts.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates are a desirable and safe destination for tourists, Dubai in particular.

Sri Lanka

Jewel of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, an island country in South Asia, which occupies the island of Sri Lanka (in the past known as Ceylon) and several smaller islands in the Indian Ocean, southeast of the Indian peninsula.


Singapore is one of the most developed countries in the world, and it has always been attractive to colonialists because of its strategic position.


A country formerly known as Burma had the name of Myanmar since 1989.