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World hindu temples

Locations for worship and learning about the principles of Hinduism all over the world.


What to take with you when you are about to spend a good deal of time with all of your belongings on your back?

Argentinian Wines

Rich wines under the shadow of the magnificent Andes.

Rafting rivers

The most beautiful and exciting locations for the thrill of rushing down rapids.

Travel Gadgets

Technology development has deeply influenced many of our habits – including travel.

An essential taste adventure

High culture meets delectation.

Wonders of new world

The stunning architectural and engineering achievements of mankind that inspire many travelers.

Islamic Sacred Sites

Islam began developing in the 7th century AD, which makes it the youngest of the four major world religions.

7 things you must see in Rwanda

Rwanda is a mountainous country in the heart of Africa, full of rain forests.

Greek salad

One of the most popular salad today – a favorite favor of Greek dishes, or a stand-alone snack.