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Hotel Ranga

Located in the south of Iceland and serving as the ideal launch pad to discover the region, Hella is a small town less than 100 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik.

Exhibition of the latest works by Dietmar Kainrath at Hangar-7

“Im Focus: Filme” is the name of the fifth exhibition by Dietmar Kainrath, which will be on display from 16 July 2014 until mid-September 2014 at Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

Semifreddo with basil and rosemary

New recipe from chef Zoran Ožegović.

Salmon tartare

Recipe for excellent and fast starter.

Ferrara, city with the most beautiful palaces

Ferrara is a small medieval city and the first renaissance city built by the urban plan of Biagio Rossetti.

Chicken salad recipe

Boiled chicken contains more Q10 than roasted chicken?

Las Nubes de Holbox

Sitting off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula overlooking the crossroads of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico is the picturesque island of Holbox, separated from the mainland by a wildlife-rich lagoon.

Fabulous cheese crust pizza recipe

Like most other working girls I am trying to juggle my work schedule while at the same cook healthy daily for my boyfriend and myself at least twice a day.

Rwanda’s Tribal Warrior Dance in Iby’iwacu traditional village

Rwanda is a country of cultural richness, dominated by traditional dance, drumming, theater and by the craft of making beautiful wooden masks.

Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

Among India’s most famous tourist destinations, Gulmarg in the Kashmir region offers traveler’s one of Asia’s best ski destinations in the winter, and in the summer a haven for outdoors aficionados.