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Resort Rwanda:Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Do you want to completely get away from everything that surrounds you? Do you want to hear the sounds of the African rainforest and be in the midst of green tea plantations? If yes, you will be totally captivated by staying in Nyungwe resort, located in Rwanda.

Safari guide – Charles Karenzi

Rwanda, known as land of a thousand hills, rainforests and unseen beauty.

Salzburg – between baroque and modern

Salzburg has a worldwide reputation of being a popular destination for city trips.

Kigali capital of Rwanda is the city to remeber

The capital city Kigali lies in the geographical center of Rwanda.

20 healthy snacks to get you ready for bikini shape

Like with studying with preparing for Summer shape I really start last minute when it comes to daily exercising.


The idyllic landscapes, magnificent temples and palaces, exotic markets, the vast rice fields, mountain tribes, noisy cities, floating pearl farm … all of this makes Vietnam.


Nepal is located in southern Asia between Tibet and India with whom they share a 2926 km long border.


Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia with an area of 329.740 km2 and with approximately 27 million inhabitants.

Guercino World Exhibition starts in Zagreb

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Il Guercino was an Italian Baroque painter from Cento, whose paintings can be rarely seen outside the National Picture Gallery, in which they are located.


American fashion startup company Trendcy supporting collection production of talented young fashion designers.