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Grand Hotel Elaphusa

The first thing that comes to one’s mind, when he thinks about the island of Brač and the small town of Bol, is Zlatni Rat beach.

Fruit salads

Fruit salads are healthy and favorite dishes of all. Usually it is served during the spring and summer.

Homemade rose liqueur recipe

As a welcome drink my boyfriends mum, who is an amazing cook, now retired and has time for doing more projects around the house served us with samples of her home made liqueurs made with special Croatian home made liqueur (40% alcohol) ‘rakija’ as a base and various additives per taste as: cherries, walnut or with flowers like Roses.

Salmon mousse

Chef Visnja recommended excellent specialty.

Hotel Ranga

Located in the south of Iceland and serving as the ideal launch pad to discover the region, Hella is a small town less than 100 kilometers from the capital Reykjavik.

Exhibition of the latest works by Dietmar Kainrath at Hangar-7

“Im Focus: Filme” is the name of the fifth exhibition by Dietmar Kainrath, which will be on display from 16 July 2014 until mid-September 2014 at Hangar-7 in Salzburg.

Semifreddo with basil and rosemary

New recipe from chef Zoran Ožegović.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2015

As always, immaculately tailored but this time less mythical

Salmon tartare

Recipe for excellent and fast starter.

4 Summer Coffee Recipes aka Beach in the Cup

Ok, this post will seriously change the way you think of your Summer coffee!