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Victor dE Souza dreamy new collection!

Last time I saw Victor was back in 2011. on Dreft Fashion Week Zagreb when I wrote about beautiful Spring/Summer 2011. collection by this talented fashion virtuoso for the first time.

The relationships

A couple of you, my ladies have sent me messages and emails to share your relationships doubts, issues, fears and questions.

KatWalking in Turó Park, Barcelona

First time this basketball season my boyfriend and I had a free Sunday together when we didn’t have to work or practice so despite the not so warm early Spring weather we still managed to spend couple of hours in this beautiful Barcelona’s park.

PMSing? There is a tropical smoothie for that!

I start PMSing about 4 days before my period.

Feminine Spring/Summer 14′ by Lei Lou

As now I fully moved to Barcelona and had a number of designer meeting this week for Trendcy here in Spain, this year I couldn’t attend Lei Lou Spring/Summer 2014. show in person.

10 tips on how to organize your closet

My boyfriend and my family know that when they find me cleaning vigorously, I am probably quite stressed so I am cleaning out the apartment to de-stress or I go for a long run around the city, it usually happens couple of times a week so, well, at least I always have a nice and clean apartment and will hopefully get in shape for Summer ;)

Tiny jewelry

Last time I wore wrist watch was in high school, I just never remember putting it on and I was always attached mentally and physically to my phone and this is where I was also checking the time so other then looking nice on my wrist, watch didn’t have any other function really, I never used it.

Weekend vacation at Lloret de Mar

After super stressful and long work day on Monday, nothing brings smile to my face like cleaning out the sand from my white Converse sneakers and reminiscing about unexpected and magical weekend vacation spent with my boyfriend in beautiful hotel Santa Marta by the sunny beach in Lloret de Mar, just about an hour from our home here in Barcelona.

KatWalking in Brussels, Belgium

Last couple of days I spent on a short business trip in beautiful Brussels, Belgium.

How do you wanna feel today? PAPIROGA

I have a confession to make. I got the biggest crush on this jewelry design brand from Spain.