Oznaka: recipe

Chicken Breasts in Orange Sauce

If you want to try only one quick and easy recipe from my blog, let it me this one!

Quick & Easy Coconut Chicken Stir Fry

In our house we love to try different cuisine so we daily combine ingredients which are not necessarily the foods we grew up on.

Greek Style Salmon with Polenta

This recipe as most of the recipes I recommend is super easy and healthy.

Egyptian casserole

Kosahari is a national dish of Egypt – a healthy and delicious vegetarian meal for every occasion.

Greek salad

One of the most popular salad today – a favorite favor of Greek dishes, or a stand-alone snack.

Fruit salads

Fruit salads are healthy and favorite dishes of all. Usually it is served during the spring and summer.

Salmon mousse

Chef Visnja recommended excellent specialty.

Semifreddo with basil and rosemary

New recipe from chef Zoran Ožegović.

Salmon tartare

Recipe for excellent and fast starter.

Chicken salad recipe

Boiled chicken contains more Q10 than roasted chicken?