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Nigeria occupies about 923 thousand square kilometers of the western part of Africa.


A young South African country with developed infrastructure in which every Westerner would feel like home.


Northwestern African country is a real tourist destination because it enables visitors to explore the cultural and historical monuments, traditional African culture, but also the stunning natural beauty.


Country of painters and sculptors is an unavoidable tourist destination for all travelers  looking for great entertainment.

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates are a desirable and safe destination for tourists, Dubai in particular.

Sierra Leone

If diamonds are a woman’s best friends, what is this West African country then with large deposits of the precious stones?


“While the Vardar embraces the fields of ripened grain, proud and dignified as a mountain bird, with a song this country captivated all the hearts and wine from its sources I drink now…”


A small country for a diverse and refreshing holiday.


Ideal destination for lovers of unique natural landscapes.


Fairy-tale castles and stunning nature are the main tourist attractions of this Central European country, which attracts many visitors from all over the world.