Oznaka: travel


A world’s biggest country impresses with its natural and cultural beauty.

Angola is a rich country of wonderful Africa

It is a country with a certain degree of security risk – but by following the instructions of local guides and a lot of caution – will offer you a plenty of fun.


Thailand – exotic country full of contrasts.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

A country with relaxed people in southeast Europe for an unforgettable vacation.


A poor European country for exciting summer and winter holidays.


A country of classical music, rich history and stunning natural beauties impresses tourists from all over the world.


Country of melancholy tones and rich history – inspires tourists from all over the world.


To mark Kenya on the map exclusively as a safari destination is an absolute tragedy, because this easternafrican country has many extraordinary natural and cultural riches – it is made for adrenaline explorations and top notch tourist adventure.


Tourist mecca for fans of history, culture, and spiza!


A Baltic country for an exciting vacation and unusual activities.