This is how diva listens to music

Long has pass the time when we just used the same little white buds earphones we get along with our iPhone. Since fashion collaborations started with tech and sports brands our phones and now our headphones started getting their own seasonal designer wear.

Designer houses noticed that on top of bags and shoes (which are still super expensive) great entry point for young generations to start buying their brand name items young (when still not earning lots of money) is tech accessory like iPhone and iPad cases which usually range anywhere from $30 to $100 and now these (I’m sure much more expensive) earphones.

I won’t lie I am definitely a sucker for good pair of fabulous ear phones, pink leather camera bags and fabulous new iPhone mask.

No matter what I am doing and where I’m going I always have a pair of earphones on me, even when I am walking my dog, working out in the gym, running or cleaning the house. Music is always on!

Even though I was mesmerized with Dolce & Gabanna’s gorgeous modern mummy inspired clothing and accessory collection these fab earphones were the highlight of the show for me. How brilliant I though, I can now finally wear an actual crown even when it’s not Halloween (with being 30) and not getting those ‘look at this crazy women’ looks as D&G made a crown into a fab bedazzling earphones made in collab with earphone brand Frends who previously collaborated with Rebecca Minkoff as wel on a capsule collection.

I’ll be saving for these crown ones for sure, they have my name on it!





In my research for this post I automatically looked to investigate if there are some rocking ear phones for men as well as my boyfriend (even though not a huge music listener) travels a lot so this could be a fab gift for him for next celebratory occasion.

These black Chanel ones can easily be unisex, you might remember them from Chanel’s Supermarket Show. Chanel also had ‘Star Wars’ inspired braided pair on one of their last shows for all of the super geeks out there!





Would you wear these or are they a bit to much for you?
Which ones are your favorite? (Don’t say crown, these are mine :P ).

Katarina Štimac, fashion blog – LaKatwalk

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