The idyllic landscapes, magnificent temples and palaces, exotic markets, the vast rice fields, mountain tribes, noisy cities, floating pearl farm … all of this makes Vietnam.

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful tropical region in the world, and here you can sail and enjoy the view on thousands of stone islands and sharp peaks. Whatever part you are visiting, many pleasant surprises expect you in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia situated on the coast of the South China Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. It borders with China in the north, with Laos in the west and Cambodia in the southwest. In the west of Vietnam mountain ranges dominate, with a stand out of Annamite Cordillera that is 1,100 kilometers long. The highest mountain peak is Fan Si which rises to 3143 meters.

Vietnam is elongated in a direction north – south (1650 km), with a narrow central part which is at its narrowest point only 50 km long. Along the coast there are plains that extend in the north to the Red River delta, where the capital city of Hanoi lies, and in the south to the great Mekong Delta where the largest Vietnamese city Ho Chi Minh or the former Saigon is situated.

Most people in Vietnam are engaged in agriculture, and along the Red River and Mekong rice is cultivated, which is the main export product of the country. The country has natural resources such as coal and phosphate. In the past battered by many wars, Vietnam has become the largest supplier of scrap metal in the world. Specifically, they have plenty of it after the U.S. armored vehicles and aircrafts remained after the war, and they largely export it to Japan.

Among the inhabitants, whom they have more than 86 million, most of them are Vietnamese who speak Vietnamese, and the main religion is Mahayana Buddhism. The biggest minority community form the Chinese, while in the extreme south of the country and in mountains live various smaller ethnic groups.

Tourist attractions in Vietnam:

Sightseeing of the capital of Vietnam is a special and very exciting experience. Here you can visit the Temple of Literature, First Vietnamese University that was originally built as a temple of Confucius, and was first mentioned back in 1070 as a Vietnamese university. There is also a Water Puppet show, a theater where traditional Vietnamese music and dance of the water puppets is performed, as well as the ethnological museum.

Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is the largest Vietnamese city. The former Saigon is located on the right bank of the homonymous river, was the capital of South Vietnam since 1955 to 1976. French colonial architecture is particularly characteristic for the center of the city. Do not miss a walk along the Saigon River, and you can also see numerous city landmarks such as Notre-Dame Cathedral, City Hall, Chinatown Cholon with canals and magnificent temples, the War Museum, Ben Thanh Market, Presidential Palace and many others.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Attractive Cu Chi Tunnels, which were built in the past by Vietnamese resistance movement, are located about 75 kilometers from the capital. Tunnels are spreading underground as a net, they are more than 200 kilometers long and some of them lead up to Cambodia.


Official language: Vietnamese
Religion: Mahayana Buddhism (50 percent), and Confucianism and Christianity are also present
Currency: Vietnamese dong (10 haoa Xu = 100)
How to travel: the most practical is by plane; international airport Noi Bai International Airport , located 45 km from the center of Hanoi.
When to travel: the best time for travel is between November and March and during July and August.
Visas: Croatian nationals need a visa, the price is 20 euros, and passport must be valid at least 6 months from entering the country. For more information please contact the consular office at the address: Thököly ut 41, Budapest 1146.
Diseases and Prevention: Preventive vaccinations are not mandatory. Before traveling get more detail from the web site of the World Health Organization (WHO).
Accommodation: Among the luxurious hotels in Hanoi are: Sofitel Metropole Hanoi Legend, Sheraton Hanoi Hotel and the Hanoi Hilton Opera Hotel. Prices range between 80 and 130 euros. In Hanoi you will find a hostel which cost from 5 euros per night.
Restaurants: Among the best restaurants with Vietnam specialties in Hanoi is Pho Gia Truyen, and definitely try Cargo Club in Hoi An with excellent traditional delicacies.


Drink only bottled water and eat in checked restaurants. Protection against the sun and especially against mosquito bites are recommended.

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