Villas Borghetto

Luxury and beauty in the heart of Istria. Relax in the privacy of stylish Villas Borghetto.

Immerse yourself in pure luxury and beauty in the heart of magical Istria! Let your senses come to life in the Mediterranean setting, listening to the waves washing the shore, breathing in the refreshing sea air, admiring the wonderful sight of the nearby olive groves and vineyards, delighting in delicious delicacies and exceptional wines.


For the impeccable experience of the perfect destination, choose your ideal holiday spot – luxurious villas Borghetto! Fulfill all your holiday wishes with a royal treatment at a place with unparalleled service, where close attention is dedicated to every single detail and special care is devoted to making your dream holiday become a reality.


Beautifully diverse, Istria takes your breath away with the endless shades of blue along its indented coastline, perfectly complemented by the lush greenery in the interior of the peninsula. It is a magical place full of stories of times long past just waiting for you to discover them, a place that offers you a perfect haven for relaxation as well as numerous activities and adventures. It is a place you will always want to go back to.


Indulge your love for Istria and have your holiday customized according to your wishes! Pamper yourself with some wellness in the privacy of your villa. Get in shape with the help of a personal trainer or cycle in beautiful nature. Take up new activities such as horse riding, scuba diving and snorkelling or windsurfing.

Embark on a lifetime adventure by going skydiving or for a panoramic ride. Explore the breathtaking coast on a private exclusive boat. Go on a private sightseeing tour or a delicious gastronomic journey. Just let our attentive staff arrange all the details for making your dreams come true.



Text with permission of Wish hr partner, Quintessentially Lifestyle.

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