7 things you must see in Rwanda

Rwanda is a mountainous country in the heart of Africa, full of rain forests.

In the Nyungwe forest you can find one of the sources of the River Nile, the longest river on the African continent.

Rwanda is a landlocked country, with no rail roads or river transport, and the most important branches of the economy are exports of green tea, coffee and elite tourism. In a fact, in Rwanda you can stay in the highest category hotels and resorts, unless you’re an adventurer. You have to plan excursions in advance, because you will have to go with a guide. The price of 750$ for the gorillas sightseeing in their natural habitat, proves the fact that Rwanda turned to the wealthy visitors.

We will lead you to a virtual tour of the most interesting tourist attractions in this beautiful African country.



Wild animals, behaving exactly as they want it, can delight or frighten you. But we know that we are still visitors in their habitat. Do not miss the safari with Jeeps in the Akagera National Park.


Mountain gorillas and golden monkeys

Thanks to naturalist Dian Fossey who devoted a big part of her life to the study of mountain gorillas, which are endangered now, visit to the Volcanoes National Park becomes the adventure of life. View at those valuable animals, you must be in silence beside them, can chase away the fatigue of walking to their natural habitat through the heavy rain forest.

Golden monkeys live in the lower areas of rain forests and they are endangered species, since there is only 800 left. They will delight you with his skilfully climbing to the trees in search of food. On the roads you may find black-and-white monkeys. As soon as they see a man they will pray and beg for food. It is certainly very dangerous for them because the road traffic is very thick. The Rwanda has no rail roads and road traffic is the only way of transportation of passengers and goods.


Museum Dian Fossey

In Musanze town you can visit the hotel/museum where Dian Fossey (January 16, 1932 – December 26, 1985) lived. Dian was an American zoologist who has worked for 18 years on the field, on studding gorillas in Rwanda and DR Congo. Poachers killed her in 1985.


Helicopter flight

You can experience the Rwanda from the air, in a modern helicopter. You can enjoy in stunning landscapes, dominated by forests, carefully cultivated hillsides, excellent roads, villages, rivers and animals.


Canopy walkway

Free yourself from fear and you will realize that you are in the midst of a beautiful sunny forest that surrounds you with its exotic sounds and you will have great feeling of complete freedom.



Pygmies, who live in Rwanda, are called divine dancers. They are very small people and you have to take a good look at them to figure out a estimate number of years. Once they where hunters in the forests but today they are urban working people.


Traditionally village

After you visit traditionally village Iby’iwcu it will remain unforgettable. Residents of village still have a king, authentic warrior dancers, wedding procession, medicine man who make elixirs and old royal hut, which is a replica of the former one, will hold your breath and wake your deepest emotions.

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