Resort Rwanda:Nyungwe Forest Lodge

Do you want to completely get away from everything that surrounds you? Do you want to hear the sounds of the African rainforest and be in the midst of green tea plantations? If yes, you will be totally captivated by staying in Nyungwe resort, located in Rwanda.

Categorized with five stars, Nyungwe Forest Lodge is situated on the edge of the Nyungwe National Park, in the southwest of Rwanda.
Resort have only 6 villas but configuration of each one offers a unique experience of rainforest to its guests. They are located on the ridge and provide a breathtaking view on majestic green jungle on the one side and on the other side vast plantation of green tea.


Each apartment offers a pure luxury and comfort. Large balcony is equipped with a jacuzzi located on the rain forest side of apartment. You can find real serenity and peace by staying in them. Each of the resort guests can experience the special atmosphere during the day or night on daily bases.
By the day, the vast greenery and many wondrous sounds of different animals that came from the surrounding mountains.


In the evening, magical view at the moon and stars, accompanied with the awakening of the night sounds in rainforest. Recommendation is to close all glass surface by night since the mischievous monkeys are eager to quench their curiosity by browsing, playing and literally stealing items from the room, if they have even smallest opportunity.

In the middle of a complex is a lodge with restaurant, dining room where romantic fireplaces, conference room, rooms for reading, drinking tea and playing chess.


All villas, and two special ones with presidential suites, have luxuriously furnished apartments with a large elevated comfortable beds covered with linen for the most spoiled ones.
The bathroom is well lighted with a specially separated toilet and shower, and massage bath is encrusted with wooden planks provide all kinds of relaxation. Guests are offered with complimentary natural cosmetics based on green tea for hygiene of body and hair, imported from South Africa, especially made for this type of resort.


At first glance, the interiors and the luxury furniture reveals strong, modern western style of design with showcasing of authentic individual details, which reveals that you are in the heart of the Africa.
Position of rooms and balconies are placed in the height of the canopy so you can enjoy in a singularly and very unique experience of African rainforests.

Your own butler will greet you on arrival at the villa. He is consistently available, whether you like it or not, and is located in the premises next to the apartment. Certainly it forms a unique part of the overall impression of this unique place.


Plantation of green tea is criss-crossed with lighted paths with great variety of flowers and exotic plants. Special charm to overall experience brings an outdoor swimming pool with heated water. From the pool you have a view no the tops of the rainforest and mountain ranges in the distance.


Smaller gym have all the equipment to maintain physical fitness and relaxation and massage area have massive wooden flooring and large windows from floor to ceiling. Open spaces for sitting and relaxing attract with its comfortable lounges and chairs and in the evening there is open fire on large copper pots.



Activities that you can enjoyed are mainly related to the rainforest and a guided tours. Bird lovers can enjoy in approximately 300 different species, thirty of them are endemic spices. In addition to birds, you can explore the behavior of 13 species of monkeys including the most impressive chimpanzees and golden monkeys.

You can visit swamp and waterfall or enjoy in large selection of treks in unspoiled wilderness. Visitors can also visit a nearby village and introduce themselves with indigenous culture and customs.




The service at this resort is on the top level with a dedicated and always ready and smiling staff.

Author: Diana Mikloš

Traveled by: Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines Inc.

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