El Salvador

A dangerous destination in Central America which is currently best to be explored only over the Internet.

El Salvador is a Central American country which covers an area of about 21 thousand square kilometers. It borders with Guatemala in the west and Honduras in the north and east. In the south, however, it has access to the Pacific Ocean. The country has about 6.5 million inhabitants and most of them are descendants of European settlers and American Indians.

It is a politically unstable country, located on the seismically active area, so it doesn’t surprise that the economy is underdeveloped, and that the large number of people live below the poverty line. Capital – San Salvador – is situated in a volcanic valley in the central southern part of the country.

Salvadoran cuisine is a combination of many world influences. Here they eat a lot of rice, beans, seafood and vegetables, and the inevitable papus – corn tortillas filled with cheese. Along with the food they serve unusual combinations of fruit juices from locally grown fruit with addition of salt or spicy pepper, coffee, and various alcoholic beverages.

5 memorable tourist attractions of Salvador:
  1. San Salvador

Explore the capital city Salvador and its sights. Walk down the broad avenue, city parks, zoo and many museums. Be sure to visit its recognizable symbols – the National Palace, a water clock and the Monumento al Divino Salvader del Mundo (monument of the savior of the world).

  1. Salvadoran Pompeii

Refer to the archaeological site of Joya de Ceren in the southwest. It is under the protection of UNESCO, and it hides the Mayan village which disappeared in the 6th century under the large amount of ash of the volcano Loma Caldera.

  1. The mountain adventure

Lovers of hiking refer to the department Santa Ana that hides many mountainous miracles. Cerro Verde National Park is located here at about 2000 meters above sea level, which gathers the same name extinct volcano, and fascinating flora and fauna.

  1. Coffee plantations

Salvador is famous producer of coffee, and one of the favorite tourist activities here is a visit to the plantation of this bitter seed. Plantations in the Department Ahuachapan in the west of the country are particularly popular.

  1. Sea activities

Mecca for lovers of surfing is in the southwestern region of La Libertad, along the Pacific coast. If you prefer lying on a perfect beach – visit La Paz in the central Pacific coast. Itapagipe peninsula offers a peaceful vacation that includes fishing and collecting shells on the beach.


Official language: Spanish
Religion: Christianity
Currency: U.S. Dollar (USD)
Visa: Not required for citizens of the Republic of Croatia
How to travel: by plane – the main airport of Salvador is the Comalapa International Airport near the capital
When to travel: from October to May
Illness and Prevention: Mandatory vaccination against yellow fever, and recommended against typhoid, hepatitis A and B. You can get vaccinated at the Department of Public Health, Dr. Andrija Štampar in Zagreb. It is advisable to have a repellent for mosquitoes, malaria tablets and sunscreen protection.
Accommodations: Villa del Angel and the Intercontinental Hotel in the capital are a good choice.
Restaurants: Hotel restaurants are always a smart choice.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates a very high crime rate in the country, which manifests in armed attacks, kidnappings, robberies and thefts. In addition, in El Salvador there are organized crime groups, including drug cartels. Criminal activity is mostly expressed in the capital, as well as in other major urban centers in the country. This occasionally leads to the politically motivated demonstrations that can become violent and cause disruptions in traffic.

El Salvador is located in the seismically active area, and has several active volcanoes.

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