A real tourist destination of central Europe for snow holidays in the Alps.

The Principality of Liechtenstein covers an area of ​​approximately 160 square kilometers in central Europe which makes it one of the smallest countries in the world. It borders with Swiss in the west, with Austria in the east, and has no access to the sea. It is a country mainly dominated by a mountainous area and is situated in the valley of the River Rhine in the Alps.

The country has about 34 000 inhabitants, most of them are local population, and then Germans and German-Swiss. Otherwise, the principality was named after the Liechtenstein dynasty, which originates from Lower Austria. Although it is considered a small European tax haven jurisdiction, it is not developed like Monaco, for example.

The capital- Vaduz – is situated in the west central part of the country on the banks of the river Rhine, which embraces one-seventh of total population. It dates from the middle of 12th century, and today represents a major political, financial and cultural center of the country.

Liechtenstein cuisine is a combination of German, Austrian and other influences of countries in the region. Meals are based on meat and various vegetables, and they drink beer, locally produced wine and other alcoholic beverages.

5 memorable tourist attractions in Liechtenstein:
  1. Capital

Explore Vaduz and its cultural and historical sights. Visit the Balzers castle where noble family lives, as well as their vineyards. Unfortunately, tourists are not allowed to enter the castle, but at your disposal is a wonderful environment. Visit the Kunstmuseum in the center of a city which boasts a rich collection of art.

  1. Ski-tourism

Liechtenstein is surrounded with Austria and Switzerland and with Alps, so it doesn’t surprise that this country has developed conditions for winter tourism. Among the most popular destinations are Malbun and Triesenberg – ski slopes which are highly regulated and spread at about 2,000 meters above sea level. Superb hotels, restaurants and service await you here.

  1. Liechtenstein wildlife

Stunning landscapes are part of the National Park Ruggeller Riet, which is spread in the far north of the country. The park is home to many birds, butterflies, and protected species, and through the entire area are walking and biking trails.

  1. History and culture

Visit the city of Schellenberg in the northeast, and witness its violent history. Here you will find the ruins of a fortress and castle Altschellenberg which date back to the 12th century, the Monastery of the Precious Blood of Christ, as well as the parish church, which was declared a cultural monument due to its architectural value.

The highest peak

Conquer the highest peak in Liechtenstein! It is a top Grauspitz, which rises to 2599 meters, at a mountain area Rätikon in the Eastern Alps. It is best to explore it during the summer months when it is not covered with snow. This is an extremely steep and difficult terrain, and is recommended only to experienced mountaineers.


Official language: German
Religion: Christianity (majority of the population)
Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)
Visa: not required
How to travel: by plane to Swiss international airport in Zurich, from where there is an organized bus, car or helicopter transport to Vaduz and other cities in Liechtenstein.
When to travel: Throughout the year
Accommodation: Park-Hotel Sonnenhof and Hotel Residence in the capital are an excellent choice.
Restaurants: Restaurants Torkel and Gasthof Loewen in the same hotel in the capital. Otherwise, the hotel restaurants are always a smart choice.


Keep an eye on your property and documents around the tourist centers.

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